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World Design Rankings Announced by A’ Design Awards

Winspear Completion Project Arts Concert Hall 1

Thanks to A’ Design Award, architects, designers, and innovators across all forms of designing and architectural endeavors reach a global audience. It is an international award that serves as a competitive platform for showcasing their skills and creativity through their work.

Featured Image Details @ Winspear Completion Project Arts, Concert Hall

Although the design world has several awards and recognitions, none come close to it in terms of its scale, in 2015, for instance – more than 1,000 designs were awarded, and nearly all design fields were recognized and accounted for.

After all, there are 100 different categories of this award, it is safe to say that the A’ Design Award is truly one of a kind!

Being the leading design accolade across the globe, A’ Design Award also sponsors the World Design Rankings (WDR). It takes a tally of the number of designers in each country who have received this award between 2010 and 2022 and it ranks all the countries based on that tally.

It wouldn’t be wrong to compare the WDR to the Olympics, because they are almost equally influential and competitive. And it serves a higher purpose by providing reliable data and insights to journalists and economists about the up-and-coming of the design industry.

The end goal of the WDR is to make significant contributions to the design culture on a global scale, it aims to do so by emphasizing on excellent designs and advocating them. 

Moreover, it offers a detailed snapshot of the creative strengths, design potentials, and available opportunities of countries worldwide.  

Moonvalley Winery

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Biggie Restobar

Biggie Restobar

The Light House Cultural Center

The Light House Cultural Center

Bbk35 Boutique Hotel

Bbk35 Boutique Hotel

Space in Layers Private Residence

Space in Layers Private Residence

Empty Heart Sound Cultural Restaurant Platform

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Iskilar Artists studio residence

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Riverway Residential house

Riverway Residential houseHilltop School

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House Nordlicht Monolithic Bungalow

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Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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