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35 Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas to Consider

Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas to Consider 1

A bath is a treat, a treat like no other. We get to enjoy it every now and then with a glass of wine and a good book in dim light, surrounded by bubbles. Tranquility and peaceful relaxation at its best .

An experience that we are going to cherish and encourage today with a drop of spice. We are going to cover the wooden bathtub, a long lasting tradition in many cultures around the world, today an exotic presence that speaks of exclusivity and the highest degree of exclusivity often hand carved by craftsmen around the world.

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Wood naturally speaks of warmth, coziness and it presents a degree of uniqueness unparalleled in the world, a pattern, a texture grown through years, wooden bathtubs also require the manual input of a craftsman, a carpenter that shapes and curves the sculptural presence towards the highest standard of detailing.

We invite you to cast a glance over the gallery that follow, you will hopefully find soothing tranquility immortalized in photography.

Wooden Bathtub Design

35 Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas to Consider

35 Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas to Consider

The first outstanding presence in the gallery is the work of a master craftsman entitled¬†Seth Rolland¬†and it goes by the name “Salish Sea”. The name has been inspired by the water along British Columbia and the Washington state as the sculptural item takes the shape of a boat, an extraordinary graphic presence. Notice how the overflow is present in the offset-ed second interior trim, a design cue that clearly surges inspiration from the world of yachts, simply extraordinary design piece that speaks of great detailing.

via Seth Rolland

Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas to Consider

All bathtubs in this guide are extraordinarily beautiful, there is no doubt about that yet the one above is something different, something different entirely. As you can see it is far more rugged, harsh, rustic; it features a constant but evolving pattern, it has been sculpted in one single piece of wood. Surreal. An immense piece of wood has been carefully carved to provide one of the most exotic bathtubs in the world, one that grew in hundreds of years to become material in an exclusive setting. It`s uniqueness cannot be comprehended in words and in theory, it is priceless.

You might not like the rustic look, you might not like the busy pattern that the tree grew slowly, steadily but this is nature at its best, sculpted, frozen in time, a presence that greatly transcends the utilitarian nature of the bathtub.

via Pinterest

solid wood bathtub laguna pearl alegna 1 thumb 630xauto 55863

You might have heard of Alegna, a company that produces insanely beautiful, luxury wooden bathtubs inspired by yacht makers and marine woods, they shine, they represent sculptural jewels on land. The wood`s attributes are carefully emphasized through extraordinary craftsmanship, sculptural volumes that simply flow are directing the wood`s fiber towards a certain point or direction thus manipulating perspective to the craftsman`s advantage.

The design presented above is entitled the Laguna Pearl Solid Bathtub,  a free-standing round wooden bathtub that features a compact design in a glamorous, busy texture that simply cannot be overlooked, it exudes sophistication and luxury and it will become the focal point in the bathroom as soon as it enters the room. Notice that in the setup above, simple chrome controls and a really small incision that represents the overflow are items subdued that will not influence the balance of the wooden bathtub, the seductive shape and the extraordinary finishing cannot be contested by mundane elements such as the overflow or the battery.

via Alegna


While the craftsman behind the beautiful presence above is unknown its beauty cannot be contested. Interesting in the wood tub above is the playful pattern arrangement that slightly disrupts the the natural wood circles but maintains the overall image of the section through wood, the playful texture thus creates depth and offers the viewer the chance to better understand the shape of the tub.

via Elsa De Geus

wooden bathtub laguna basic by alegna 7 thumb 630x472 31022

wooden bathtub laguna basic by alegna 2 thumb 630x419 31012

wooden bathtub alegna laguna basic built in thumb 630xauto 55857

Three images above are showcasing the insanely graphic Laguna Basic Bathtub by Alegna, the sumptuous design is defined by the wood`s fiber flowing into a central drain, everything seems to flow naturally towards the center, a powerful image that is greatly accentuated in the overall image by the rectangular shape of the tub that contradicts this naturalness in the volume. The Laguna Basic`s feat of strength is that it can add a stylish warmth in most bathrooms thanks to its rectangular shapes in a way in which no other rectangular bathtub can. The swooping wood fiber simply sculpts its way into an oval basin, there is absolutely no trail of a rim or edge, it uses sharp straight lines to define an unnatural naturalness through soft curves, a really powerful contrast.

via Alegna


The image above showcases one of the most beautiful bathtubs that we have ever laid eyes on. This too describes a natural line through an unnatural technique as the tub appears to be composed out of layers of wood one on top of each other in the bathtub`s shape before the craftsman started carving. The insanely procedure has two immense advantage, the first one is clearly the versatility, you can carve any object, you can sculpt any shape in theory . The second big advantage is that this bathtub has been constructed with smaller wood chunks, carefully tailored together and carved, sculpted afterwards; as a result, it uses fewer resources and it does not require big blocks of wood from the same tree.

Source Unknown


A bathtub that yet again uses the would fiber to create focus towards a certain point, here in an oval shape. In the setting above however, the tub does not shine as way to many wooden patterns and directions clutter the image and distract from the extraordinarily sumptuous elegant beauty of the oval object.

via Pinterest

1413 1

The wooden`s fiber here follows the bathtub`s curvature from one end to the other, emphasizing the sculpture and highlighting the wooden materiality of the object.

Source Unknown


Only one block of wood has been used to shape the bathtub above, the noble look of the object thus greatly surpasses the expression of the ones composed as this speaks of age, memory and growth firsthand. Craftsmanship is naturally the mean that brought this bathtub into existence yet is no longer the defining factor, it is simply a mean, executed perfectly. A one-piece wooden bathtub simply makes the bathroom.

Source Unknown


A “furo” or the more polite and more common form, “ofuro”, is a Japanese bath that in its inception was a short and steep-sided wooden bathtub; these have been and are present all over Japan today, from inns to houses and apartments, they are however in contemporaneity fabricated in plastic or stainless steel. Compared to traditional western bathtubs these are a tad deeper and more importantly they are square, not sloped, they`re not featuring the overflow that so many Western bathtubs present. The furo is part of the Japanese ritual bathing this aspect greatly highlighting its importance in one`s home.

It is worth noting that luxury models and high end exclusive bathtubs are still realized in wood, both traditional and exclusive expensive woods such as Hinoki; some also feature Oidaki, re-circulation systems that filter and reheat water.

The example above is, as clearly as it is mentioned, a product of Zen Bath Works, a genuine Hinoki Japanese Bathtub

via rivasecostore.com


Bigger blocks of wood translate into objects executed faster, easier, items a little bit more accessible. Above blocks arranged in a regular pattern describe the ellipses that shape the bathtub in horizontal layers the expression thus grounding the tub whilst highlighting its curvature throughout.

via imgur


The traditional furo featured sloped walls yet numerous reinterpretations inspired by the sculptural piece feature straight, rectangular walls as seen above. One can argue that the comfort should not be completely neglected in the form`s favor for hours yet this is a two way street, it is all relative.

via forfur.com


ALFI brand AB1105 63-Inch Free Standing Cedar Wood Bath Tub
  • FREE GIFT! Comes with a free wooden hanging basket to keep...
  • Made of solid cedar wood

A tub that uses an old construction technique, one that is relatively affordable yet still describes with coziness and warmth an extraordinary bathtub that greatly sets itself apart from it contemporary plastic counterparts. Highly recommended option, especially in industrial settings and shabby chic, bohemian settings.

via pvppve.com


The bathtub above presents a very smooth curvature on both directions with an extraordinary elegance that almost seems inspired by sea shells or leafs. The natural material condensed in layers in this object create a density that grounds the really spectacular shape creating the illusion of balance, equilibrium.

via qualitybath.com


A wooden bathtub can simply emphasize any bathroom yet in serene settings, in lush vegetation it is the place in which it really shines. It creates a beautiful dialogue, one that seems anchored in the material`s origins.

via Pinterest


Wooden bathtubs can hardly be described as simple bathtubs, regardless of their shape, size or color, they are anything but mundane as their pattern brings forward a sense of experience, quality, growth, elegance.

via bath-in-wood.com


A big majority of bathtubs realized in wood today on the market are freestanding wooden bathtubs and they are envisioned as great focal points in the bathroom, items that you notice in the first second you step in, items that you can hardly take your eyes of afterwards. It goes without saying that pricing affects this design choice as well, the bathtub should not be visually challenged in your décor, it ought to dominate its surroundings.

via homeportfolio.com


One of the few bathtubs adjoin a wall in our gallery. The bathtub above has a far simpler construction, above beautifully visually sustained through the contrast of a black background wall, a black wooden wall. Notice how the mirror complements the composition and the small water faucet that crates further contrast and thus depth with the black wall itself through its yellow presence.

via urbismagazine.com

custom hardwood bathtubs nk woodworking 2 thumb 630xauto 55877

custom hardwood bathtubs nk woodworking 1 thumb 630xauto 55875

NK Woodworking are handcrafting and designing bathtubs in a studio in Seattle. They realize wooden bathtubs carved in exotic hardwoods that they finish with a clear composite that ensures the tub`s resilience and longevity whilst offering the object a fine, premium finish. Their work can be described easily as sumptuous elegance in wood.

via NK Woodworking


Triangular shaped wooden bathtubs are possible too, any shape is possible thanks to gifted craftsmen around the world that pick up custom orders. You can choose the material, the fine finish applied, the pattern of the joinery and last but not least, the shape.

Source Unknown

freestanding timber bathtub karpenter 2 thumb 630xauto 55915

freestanding timber bathtub karpenter 1 thumb 630xauto 55913

Simple designs have always worked, they always will and yet when they are realized in wood, they are not that simple anymore, new possibilities are open, new patterns bring the coziness and warmth of wood into the picture rapidly, shaping something epic, memorable.

via Karpenter


Wooden bathtubs can be nestled in any décor, any lighting, they will win the day.

via interiorno.ru

35 Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas to Consider

An interesting design the one above is, it presents a geometric, unfinished carcass that is somehow far to regular for wood, an assembly of wooden blocks, wooden elements that get together in an arrangement to shape the extraordinarily smooth naturalness of the interior carving, the object seems to provide protection from the exterior to create an extraordinary interior.

via home.walla.co.il

35 Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas to Consider

ALFI brand AB1105 63-Inch Free Standing Cedar Wood Bath Tub
  • FREE GIFT! Comes with a free wooden hanging basket to keep...
  • Made of solid cedar wood

An attic space in stark white with natural stone flooring receives a new, immense bathtub, all wood in front of an immense wall chimney. Few bathrooms in the world can compare to the image described, few bathrooms can provide such an extraordinary mix.

via sunshineandpearls.tumblr.com
The wooden fiber can follow straight volume, you decide or dictate the design, the greater the craftsman the greater the opportunities.
Source Unknown<
Sunken sitting areas and sunken bathtubs alike have always offered an entirely different experience to the individual as they exude a strong, grounded feeling of appurtenance, a design choice that seems to bring us closer to our origins in a very comfortable manner.
via Pinterest
In small spaces, corner wooden bathtubs are an option as well but it goes without saying that they are oppressed in the corner, they ought to be freestanding, possibly neighboring a glazed wall with expansive views.
via iltasanomat.fi
302 1
A wooden tub can be supported by wooden surroundings yet the design tends to clutter rapidly in this amalgam of textures. In the image above happily the same wood essence complements the tub yet as you can clearly see the fibers are perpendicular one to another, small trick that differentiates the tub from the surrounding wall, bringing it towards the viewer, pushing it further. The question is if you actually need the support of wooden walls and whether your bathtub is not greatly contested thus loosing its thunder a tad.
via lifeandtimes.com
wooden bathtub bagno sasso wave diamond thumb 630xauto 55891
A simple, spectacular bathtub design that will surely embed in a visitors mind, the composition is splendid, the curvature line followed by the wooden piece could have been smoother, far more linear though. It is possible that the bathtub filled with water and bubbles might look even better than portrayed above, empty. How do you see the mix of this wood and glass bathtub ? The piece is entitled the Wave Diamond Tub and it has been designed by Bagno Sasso Mobili.
deep wooden tub khis frants seer 1 thumb 630xauto 55851
Entitled Deep Wooden Tub Khis and designed by Frant Seer the tub above sets itself apart thanks to the position of the wooden pieces, carefully arranged vertically in a sculptural shape, accentuated beautifully here by the exterior overflow finished here in gold, a great complement to the dark wooden finish of the bathtub, a functional presence that emphasizes the whole beautifully through elegance, simply splendid.
solid wood bathtub e legno group 1 thumb 630xauto 55931
solid wood bathtub e legno group 2 thumb 630xauto 55933
Notice the beautiful discrete contrast between the violet rug that grounds the tub and the light wood essence. The naturalness of the rim is also worth pointing it out as it frames the tub in an organic, sculptural manner.
via e-Legno Group
contemporary wooden bath rosemarkie 1 thumb 630xauto 55950
contemporary wooden bath rosemarkie 2 thumb 630xauto 55952
A beautiful gradient on a wooden bathtub has been executed beautifully above by Wooden Baths Ltd in Scotland. The object wears the name of a Scottish Village, Rosemarkie, probably the origin of the handcrafted masterpiece that you can today purchase in various types of woods such ash, American long leaf pine and iroko.
large timber bath wood and water australia 1 thumb 630xauto 55941

heart shaped tub wood and water australia 2 thumb 630xauto 55939

timber bath wood and water australia 2 thumb 630xauto 55937

timber bath wood and water australia 1 thumb 630xauto 55935
Wood & Water, an craftsmanship studio with its origins in Australia offers custom hand-made solid wood bath tubs, exclusivity on an entirely different level. Your imagination is the only limit, you can craft absolutely anything thanks to this design studio, even an exquisite, high end heart-shaped wooden bathtub like the one above.
bamboo bathtub for two niewendick 2 thumb 630xauto 55929

bamboo bathtub for two niewendick 1 thumb 630xauto 55927
Bamboo bathtubs are also an option as you might have already imagined, the German company responsible for the model above is entitled Niewendick. Entitled Bamwan and featuring an epic retro look the desiner tub above can size two people comfortably, supposedly the design has been adapted ergonomically to the human body to obtain the highest degree of comfort.
According to the company the laminated bamboo, water-resistant hard wood essence, is being held together with boat and aircraft-grade adhesive.

The gallery above contains the exponent of master craftsmen around the world, sculptural presences that are changing bathrooms around the world into exclusive spaces that somehow continue an old tradition. What are your thoughts on wooden bathtubs ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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