What Makes Expensive Designer Furniture Worth the Added Cost?

What Makes Expensive Designer Furniture Worth the Added Cost

It’s true that you need to have a bigger budget for designer furniture, but that doesn’t mean it’s all for display. In a world of IKEA and Home Depot, designer furniture can help your home stand out. When you invest in designer labels, you’re actually paying for exclusive pieces with unparalleled quality and durability. 

While it’s easier to buy bulk from known manufacturers, it’s unlikely that your furniture will be unique or limited edition. If you’re in a dilemma and need a little more convincing about designer models, you have arrived at the right place. With this guide, we hope to clearly explain what makes expensive designer furniture worth the added cost. 

Is Expensive Designer Furniture Worth the Added Cost?

  1. Unparalleled Style


Designer pieces are timeless, as they embody unique style and elegance. You can see the difference in finish, craftsmanship, and overall appearance when you compare them to standard manufacturers. You don’t necessarily need to buy a full set with designer furniture; you can also choose to purchase a standalone unit. For instance, if you want a grand-looking couch in the living room or an ornate wardrobe in the bedroom, find something that complements the existing décor and elevates it. 

  1. Highest Quality 


Quality is one of the key elements in designer furniture that convinces buyers to dig deep into their pockets. Unlike cheaper options, the quality assurance process begins at the source.

With designer furniture, the raw materials used to design the unit are of the highest quality, so you can expect superior build and utility. Some top designers have spent years learning the craft, and their expertise is well reflected in these exclusive pieces. From seamless joints to luxurious finish, everything adds to the quality of the unit and contributes to extended service life. 

  1. Long Lasting Pieces 


Do you have an antique piece of furniture that has been passed down for generations and still looks the same? Chances are that it was custom-made, and there’s no second copy of that exclusive model. Designer furniture wins big points for durability, mainly because they are not factory-produced in bulk. Each piece is individually designed, ensuring maximum quality and value for your money. 

Replacing furniture is no fun, but that’s something you generally have to do with cheaper models. More often than not, these low-priced units show signs of damage early on and fall into disrepair soon after. Ideally, you’ll want your sofa, chairs, bed, table, and cabinet to last for several years, if not decades, without chipping, warping, fading, or breaking. 

  1. Never Out of Fashion 


Designer pieces, be they mid-century style or something reminiscent of the Victorian era, continue to stay relevant in the present times, and the best part is that they perfectly sync with most existing decors, so you don’t need to make any major changes. 

  1. Appreciation In Value


Much like real estate, the value of designer furniture can increase over time. Most pieces that are auctioned off are exclusive, custom-made items that were originally bought or designed at a much lower cost. 

To give you a better picture, let’s take the example of an original Eames chair from 1945.

Original price (1945) – $32.50

Price after considering inflation (2017) – $411

Actual resale price (2017) – $1,415

early dcw chair by charles and ray eames for herman miller june 1953

There’s a huge margin of $1,000, and there’s no saying that it won’t go any higher. While it’s almost impossible to predict what will be considered fashionable in the coming times, you can at least expect a higher return on investment if you need to sell. 

However, to ensure the best value, you must take good care of your designer items. Therefore, it’s no surprise that antique pieces in mint condition fetch a higher price than units used recklessly. 

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Support Local Brands and Designers 

Buying a designer label does not necessarily mean you have to shop from the top brands and names in the industry. We suggest that you do your research thoroughly and look for local boutiques and stores that sell exclusive items. 

While these pieces cost more than mass-manufactured products, it’s worth the extra dollars as they have a distinctive charm of their own. Plus, you can do your bit to support local brands, trying to make a mark among other big players. Some local designers also offer personalized payment plans and after sales services that may not be available in case of bigger brands. 

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Hopefully these tips have shown the benefits of having a designer piece in your home. If you do not want to pay upfront, you can look for brands that offer installment plans. This way, you can pay at your convenience and enjoy your new furniture without breaking the bank. 

If you want to buy multiple pieces for your home, you can experiment with different labels and select exclusive items to create a unique assortment. Ultimately, the piece should reflect your style and personality, whether you want a chic, boho look, or a classy, urban appearance.


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