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What is 3DS Max and How Do You Use It?

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When it comes to making 3-dimensional models, animations, or even detailed digital images, there are a lot of computer programs out there that do the job perfectly fine.

However, most of them are often difficult to use for newer users and have a steep learning curve, which makes them not all that accessible for a lot.

But, 3DS max is one such program that apart from boasting an efficient workflow and modeling tool, is one of the easiest software to use.

It has a very versatile tool set for 3D artists, and has over the years, slowly gotten to be the favorite among a lot of the professional graphic designers out there.

And we are confident that this amazing program will be able to help you paint all your inspired concept arts in the digital media effortlessly.

So, let’s take a close look at what makes this program such a must for all graphic designers.

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What does the 3DSMax Do Exactly?

Now, before we get into the uses of this amazing software, let us first go over what the 3DS Max does as well as all its various features and assets.

1. Character Modeling and Game Assets 

The 3DS Max is just amazing when it comes to creating 3D character models for video games and animations.

This software is extensively used by a lot of the game developers and has been quite a fan favorite because of its amazing workflow and versatile modeling tools.

It helps the artist save up on a lot of extra time and can also help him/her create special effects rather efficiently alongside live-action work.

As a potent example, let us take two blockbuster movies; ‘Avatar’ and ‘2012’. Much of the visual effects from both these movies were rendered and created with the help of 3DS Max.

Fascinating, isn’t it?Rr

The program’s varied features very easily fit into the multiple stages of animation development. ‘From modeling and rigging to lighting and rendering,’ 3DS max will help you create high-quality 3D models and animations very easily.

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2. Versatile | Used in Multiple Professions

When it comes to its professional uses, the 3DS Max helps a lot of professional industries as well as business for their daily working.

Professions like engineering, manufacturing, education, and medicine, use this program to create mechanical as well as organic content to represent their very own brand.

In architecture and real estate, a potent animation graphics is required to help the client realize their future living spaces as accurately as possible. Graphic models are instrumental to the success for such businesses, as buyers are more inclined to connect to photo-realistic images than a low-quality animation.

Polygon Modeling‘ is a very common technique in 3DS Max, which makes the workflow significantly easier and effective. It allows the artist, no matter how adept at the software, have a relatively higher control over the individual polygons.

This, in turn, allows them to provide their animations with a greater range of detail and precision, which they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten with any other software.

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3. Incredible Rendering Options 

After you’re done with the modeling, you can now render your images and animations to generate certain special effects like materials and textures to give them a rather life-like quality.

You can add surface details such as ‘colors, gradients, and textures’ to give a higher rendering quality to every single game asset that you create.

Fortunately, the 3DS Max will provide you with a plethora of model rendering options.

A lot of the professional artists are able to use this program to make photo-realistic images that are specifically designed to mimic nature, almost to a flawless degree.

So, what are some of the more popular rendering features that 3DS Max has?

  • To begin with, ‘Toon shading’ is going to be, by far the most popular rendering tool that the program provides, which is perfect for making game assets.
  • You can even create realistic simulations of fluids like cigarette smoke and waterfalls, which are again extensively used by the entertainment industry.
  • Rigidbody physics’ is another such that easily helps make solid stock images such as rocks and wood. It can also create shatter effects and rag doll physics, with a lot of mathematical accuracy.
  • The ‘particle effects’ tool is also very easy to use and versatile, and you will be able to use it to make photo-realistic designs from scratch.
  • ‘Simulation feature’ is also another aspect of 3DS Max, which a lot of artists use to create certain anatomical assets such as hair, skin, clothes, and even fur. And with the addition of newer plug-in tools, the development time of these images is reduced dramatically.

Who Uses 3DS Max, and How Do They Use It?

The 3DS Max has everything that a professional artist needs to make the best out of their artistic talents.

Needless to say, this program caters the most to purposes of professional architectural designers and game assets artists. However, some of its user-friendly and versatile features allow 3DS Max to extend its use to some other professions as well.

1. Used Extensively on Films 

As we have mentioned before, as a set example, the 3DS Max was exclusively used for the animation rendering of the movies ‘Avatar’ and ‘2012’.

But, this is not to suggest that this tool is used only used for big-budget films alone. It is also used in a lot of indie films, and even for certain smaller commercial animations that need some 3D motion.

Animators can use certain anatomical aspects such as skeletons, bone constraints, and kinematics to create as well as to animate characters.

Using these tool aspects of 3DS max is rather easy, and even amateur animators can get a proper hang of it with some practice.

As much of the animation technique in the program lies around ‘key-framing bone properties,’ it makes it very easy for beginners to create organic characters that have complex movements and motion.

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2. Comes with Two Subsystems for Character Models  

The 3DS Max comes with two separate subsystems for animating character models, one for CAT and one for character studio.

Each system is fully customizable with a wide variety of applications as well as all of the motion-capture file formats.

The CAT, as well as the character studio,  can be combined together to make a very powerful base for easily animating very detailed and complex motions.

3DS Max is also often compared to Maya when it comes to its graphics rendering abilities.

Sure! Maya may be a much more powerful program that makes incredibly photo-realistic images and animations; however, it’s not as easy to use as 3DS Max.

3DS Max is not only easier to use, but also more forgiving. It’s has a much more versatile range of rendering tools than Maya, whose features, on the other hand, is a bit harder to get a grasp of.

Hence, when it comes to 3D modeling, 3DS max is going to be the more popular go-to for much of the professional graphic artist base.

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3. Perfect for Teaching Animation 

The mere fact that 3DS Max is a significantly easier program to learn makes it the perfect choice for teaching beginners the various basics of animations.

Most secondary and even tertiary animation classes use this software to teach 3D art to beginners.

Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD uses the 3DS max in almost all of their courses. The program is vital to learn some of the basic principles of animation and 3D graphics, thereby helping students experiment with the platform and learn as they use.

And here is another fun fact; the game studio Ubisoft, also heavily relies on 3DS Max to create a lot of their in-game assets. Guess ‘Assassin’s Creed’ would have looked completely different without 3DS Max now, wouldn’t it?

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Final Thoughts 

So, if you’re quite adept at the art of digital designing and want to extend your skills sets to the incredible world of animation, then 3DS Max is the perfect software that can help get you started. Not only is it very easy to use, but it’s also incredibly versatile in its features and toolsets, and can help you make photorealistic animations effortlessly.

It’s studio ready and is extensively used by studio artists from over a variety of professional industries, in almost all facets of their work.

We hope that you found our article today to be helpful.

Till next time!

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