Welcome Spring With 20 Creative DIY Garden Projects

diy garden projects

Spring season is almost upon us and even though the earth layers are still a little bit numb and possibly frozen in some parts of the world, there is never to early to start preparing for the gardening season. Preparing the seeds, cleaning the soil and adding compost, removing remaining dead plants are essential steps one must take in preparation of nature’s rebirth. Today’s topic revolves around the garden issue both indoor or outdoor . We will start by laying down a few ideas on how to improve your existing garden and some crafts that will help you in your endeavors of creating one from scratch. Choosing a design might not be your initial focus, especially if you decide on a herb and vegetable garden but elements such as flower beds, pathways and water-ponds should be planned ahead.

Each season has its favorites in the garden and every month has its tasks to be accomplished in order to obtain that perfect healthy lush green garden we all adore and desire. These tasks are essential for the health and well being of your garden and each action should be taken in the time interval required by the plant and earth itself for a proper healthy backyard. Keeping things in check and following a garden calendar is thus necessary in the overall scheme. Follow the easy essential steps and ideas we have presented below for each month of the year in the garden calendar created; design one of your own, personalized for your own plants, soil and greenery. So we invite you to Welcome Spring With Creative DIY Garden Projects and to enjoy the months to come with highly spirits and a lush green healthy garden.

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Creative DIY Garden Projects

1. stay tuned and follow a GROwth calendar for all your plants

The professional gardener knows exactly when is the right time to start planting certain seeds and when to replace others in their garden.Keeping charts and calendars is crucial for a gardener beginner, at least until you get a hang of things and know exactly your garden and its soil by heart. Most seedlings require a preplanting, preferably indoors until the winter weather looses some of its harshness and the soil unfreezes.

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2. create a succulent wreath

“In botany, succulent plants, also known as succulents or sometimes fat plants, are plants having some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice, or sap. Succulent plants may store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems. Some definitions also include roots, so that geophytes that survive unfavorable periods by dying back to underground storage organs may be regarded as succulents. In horticultural use, the term “succulent” is often used in a way which excludes plants that botanists would regard as succulents, such as cacti. Succulents are often grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance.”

Resilient as they are, succulents are a wonderful addition to any garden, providing delicacy and texture. A succulent wreath can be created and used as a living decoration all year long. Follow the link below for a full tutorial on how to build an incredible beautiful succulent tutorial from scratch.

create a succulent wreath at homestheics


3. plant succulents in egg shells

Egg shells are rich in calcium which is highly necessary for small plants. Using them as flower pots seems thus like a great idea, at least until the little plant starts forming some body and strengthens its roots, moment when you can move it to a larger pot.

eggshells crafts homesthetics


4. create an indoor water garden

Water gardens are extremely easy to create and look after. Temperature and direct sun light are conditions influencing the water plants. Keeping the water level constant and the water itself fresh and clean is required. Such a transparent garden will enhance any modern decor, offering a refreshing green natural plus to your interior design.

inddor water garden homestehtics


5. stay healthy all year long and build an indoor garden shelf

Keeping a healthy lifestyle nowadays is a highly difficult task for anyone.Vegetables and greenery should definitely be a more present entity in our daily regime in order to combat the harmful effects of stress and pollution on our bodies. Building a green living shelf in our own home seems like a perfect answer to how you can have fresh clean organic herbs and vegetables everyday at your grasp.

indoor garden shelf homesthetics


6. design a moss terrarium

The bright green of moss and its delicate texture always add a plus to an interior design line. Capture its purity and freshness in a glass terrarium and construct  miniaturized world filled with beauty and magic.

miniature indoor garden terrarium homesthetics.net


7. create a raised pallet bed

Raised pallet beds are the ideal solution for a weed free garden.It is easily implementable, cheap and perfect to control every single entity from your garden. The only problem might arise in the long run caused by the degradation of the pallet wood from water and soil humidity. Keep in mind that wooden pallets are cheap to replace and all the weed removing pest will be gone.



8. turn pine cones into succulent planters

Pine cones represent such beautiful elements of nature, green or dried. If you are planning of using dried pine cones for succulent planters firstly wash them properly and dry them in the oven to remove remaining bugs and insects.Then perforate the base and fill it with a little bit of succulent base, enough for the succulent plant.Tie the pine cone using a rope and voila, you’ve got yourself a hanging succulent plant.

pine cone pot homesthetics


9. recycle old furniture into a living garden

RECYCLE, UPCYLE, REUSE, that is our motto.Old furniture can be transformed and given a new meaning, a new life in your home in a form or another. The craft below recycled an old metallic chair frame into a succulent garden, ready to take its place on your porch or your English garden.

recycling old items into succulent garden homesthetics.net


10. start seedlings in egg cartons

Every spring garden should start indoors. Funny, but true.Seedlings are the first phase in the planting process. Taking good care of the plant right from its first seed emerge is highly important for its future development .Egg cartons provide a safe, moisture retaining environment ideal for the starting of seedlings.

spring seedings homesthetics


11. start a green tee-pee

There is nothing more refreshing than spending a spring day outdoors, with your hands and bare feet in the textured earth. This year start a diy garden project in your own backyard by creating a natural green tee pee you will enjoy for a long time. Use old wood branches and wire to create the skeleton of the tee pee and plant around the base, directing the greenery towards the desired

teepee garden homestheticsK. Singh


12. create a vertical herb garden

Each home should own a vertical herb garden, especially in the kitchen area, where you can have all the natural organic fresh products of mother earth at your grasp for delicious healthy meals. Plant herbs such as basil, parsley, shallots, sage, mint that will also refresh and enrich the air quality of your environment.

vertical herb gaden homesthetics


13. a pond filled with greenery will BEAUTIFY your garden

Ponds are incredible oasis created in your backyard, providing humidity and sheltering life at the same time. The difficult step of this project is represented by the creation of such a pond and the choosing of the right type of water plants that will survive your climate. Risks will be taken until a successful result will be obtained. Persevere.

water pond homestheitcs


14. succulent and moss sculpture

The craft below takes the entire idea of gardening to a hole different level.The truth is the project itself is not a difficult one, but one that exudes beauty and delicacy and resides on the basic sculpture used as a succulent pot base. A metallic sculpture will do the trick. Drill holes in it and add beautiful succulents in a variety of shapes, types and colors.

Welcome Spring With Creative DIY Garden Projects


15. a stacked wooden crate vertical garden

Wooden crates are as used as wooden pallets in DIY projects. They represent a vital resource for a gardener and can be used in numerous projects as flower pots and functional area dividers. Stacking them up to create a private vertical garden is a wonderful idea easy to implement in any backyard.



16. a water pond made from an old truck tire

Another beuatiful option revolving around recycling projects is creating a water pond from an old truck tire. Follow the link below for a full detailed tutorial and a creative fun idea.



17. a brick pathway for an english garden

No garden should lack the proper pathways. Brick with its raw red texture adds that welcoming feeling of comfort we all seek for our home and garden.Learn how to lay a brick path and add a colorful warm touch to your garden, making it more intimate, private, cozy.

lay a brick path homesthetics


18. a pvc pipe vertical strawberry garden

Until now we have talked about greenery and herbs in general, but that does not mean fruit and vegetables can’t be included in this small guide of diy garden projects. Strawberries are as delicious as easy to plant and maintain. Create a vertical system out of PVC pipes and grow tons of strawberries you can enjoy with your family or even sell at an organic market.

pipe garden homesthetics


19. use big rocks as succulent planters for  a mineral – green mixture in your  garden

When it comes to designing our backyard landscape, the possibilities vary, depending on personal taste, climate, altitude, temperature and overall style desired. A rocky garden, Japanese inspired, filled with gravel pathways and enriched with succulent plants is a viable option in any scenario we can think of.



20. create a rocky bed where you can wash up your feet in the garden

A wonderful addition for any garden is a rocky bed for washing up in the summer, after spending a creative day outside with your hands in the heart and sand. Just create a wooden frame and fill it with round river rocks and you are done.

rock bed homesthetics


In the end we invite you to express your take on the subject of diy garden projects and to lay down your own ideas and plans for your garden in the spring to come.Nature must be appreciated and acknowledged more everyday and surrounding ourselves in lush vegetation is a great first step. Leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below and let yourself get inspired with other diy garden projects to come.

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