Welcome Loved Ones With DIY Christmas Wreaths

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Christmas is righ around the corner and what better way to prepare than to decorate your home according to the season with these  DIY Christmas wreaths. Decorations are an integral part of Christmas , and are thoroughly embedded  into contemporary pop-culture, making Christmas a worldwide recognizable Holiday with stocking sugar-canes and wreaths being placed in homes all over the world . Wreaths are one of the oldest and enduring  among many other Christmas special decorations . It generally consists of pine tree branches combined with all sorts of other smaller items like Christmas globes , Christmas lights etc. But making a Christmas wreath of your own may be way nicer then buying a run of the mill Xmas wreath from a supermarket . These wreaths are not only mass produced but use synthetic cheap materials without any fragrance or feeling.

Making your own wreath will add a special unique and caring look to your house while at the same time a be welcome sign for guests and visitors. It also will make your front door not look like the other 10000 grey/brown doors with the same wreath , even if wreaths you buy dont have the same design or share some design ideeas , the materials they use are shabby cheap and synthetic, so you can use next year and next year and easily endure through time. You wreaths wont last for years but at least you have the look of the seasons . Take care to use materials that are nice and good looking, although its a DIY item try to avoid using recycled and re-purposed items and materials , the goal here being to use materials specific to the season in order to blend in and not to make something which could easily be used to decorate any home in any season. So start with pine trees since they are the classic Christmas trees , and add to that any other decorations or materials  and considering where the wreath will be placed , on the front door or inside to better suit the home/room you are decorating.

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Andrei Vasiliu

Andrei Vasiliu

Andrei is master of sketches, models and dioramas here at Homesthetics, a skill-set that greatly emphasize his architecture background. He is responsible for curating and approving all content that ranges from pencils and airbrush kits as he tests them thoroughly in his artistic pursuits.

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