Wall-Hung Sanitary Fixtures For Small-Space-Conscious Bathroom Designs

impeccable Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

In our homes there are two spaces that have the tendency to get crowded and that are sadly already undersized: the kitchen and the bathroom. Small-space-conscious bathrooms and kitchens require smart space-saving solutions that would be able to combine aesthetic values with ergonomics in a beautiful manner. Showcased bellow is the latest lineup of sanitary-ware from Artceram, a superb collection with a minimalist vibe that will maintain the look of you bath high above standards whilst being ergonomic and functional.


In today`s architecture most of the modern, regular homes and especially the collective housing projects are neglecting the importance of the bathroom, its surface and in bigger homes, the importance of multiple bathrooms is often overlooked. With this thought in mind more and more producers are designing space-conscious toilets and bidets meant to occupy less space in our bathroom whilst enhancing the functionality with a far smaller footprint on the ground and a minimalist clean apparel. The sleek combination of modern minimalist line with the classic design style of the 1950`s is exuding elegance and here and then some colorful patterns on them may be able add your bathroom a truly inimitable unique appeal. These superb sanitary fixtures with smooth curves and sleek lines in neo-classical style are requiring only a minimum depth of 12 cm in your wall to be installed.

smooth and clean Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

The collection has been forged by Meneghello Paolelli Associati and some of the items contained in the collection are Azuley, Jazz, Blend, Block, Cow and the flamboyant La Fontana!

All we need is practicality at the end of the day to use a bathroom but I don`t think there is one individual out there  that would not be comforted by a soothing relaxing bathing environment at the end of a stressful day. Be cautious, choose your sanitary-ware to fit your needs and enhance you living quality, do it for yourself!

modern cool bathroom Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

immaculate Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

white and black Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs


superb serene Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

white Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

smooth Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

black Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

minimalist modern design Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

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