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Versatile Switch Table Chair Designed by Ellen Ectors

Versatile Switch Table Chair Designed by Ellen Ectors homesthetics modern funiture (1)

In our daily routine, in that hurry in which we always are, we never have the time to make everything as we should, we never have the time to stay and arrange the objects in our room exactly how we would want; just throw a quick look around the room in which you are at the moment and you will find at least one pencil away from where it should be, the notebook in a wrong position, all of these being small details.

Modern lifestyles requires a versatile design, a design that would fit in different contexts in order to not be wrong when it is actually wrong. When we need to make room for a bookshelf, it should be easy to find a useful, not bothering place for the old one, to seem it belonged there.All these aspects would obviously happen in a perfect world. An example for these scenarios is MORE which we reviewed some time ago, and today we have another one, simpler, yet more dynamic, based on the daily usage of the item.

We are talking further on about a chair, made by  Ellesco International and designed by the Belgian Designer Ellen Ectors  as graduation project from Sint Lukas Brussels.
At first the design seems rather common and it is, you find these shapes all over but now they are used in a strong concept which would help our cluttered worlds, make them easier from the design point of view; the piece of furniture can switch instantly without any effort into a chair, table, a seat in which you can relax and a small working place, all in one piece of furniture. This concept, like all the good ones, is very simple; it combines a cube and a sphere.
The switch is handmade from a structure of massif oak and leather and the small accent, the ball is filled with polyether foam.

Versatile Switch Table Chair Designed by Ellen Ectors  homesthetics modern funiture (1)

Homesthetics Conclusion

The result is simple, dynamic and very useful;just picture how useful can this be for a teenager, a student which can always use a little more room.As we have stated in previous posts, we are strongly encouraging all of you out there to be creative.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Versatile Switch Table Chair Designed by Ellen Ectors  homesthetics modern funiture (1)


Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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