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10 Unusual Items for Your Backyard Design Today

Unusual Items for Your Backyard Design Today

Your backyard plays a significant role in the value and appearance of your property. A well-maintained backyard can increase the value of your property, allowing you to earn more when you decide to resell your home or turn it into a rental. Having a backyard also allows you to experience the great outdoors, entertain guests in a unique space, and try out gardening.  

A backyard can be very beneficial in a lot of ways, but not every homeowner knows how to design it properly. More often than not, homeowners are only limited to cleaning their backyards and pruning shrubs that are planted in it. But are you aware that you can do more than just these things? Simply adding unusual items in your backyard can actually make your outdoor space stand out in the neighborhood and make it more interesting even from a distance.  

If you’re willing to give this idea a try, start looking for the following unusual items to be incorporated in your backyard design today: 

Unusual Items for Your Backyard Design

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  1. Install Plastic Chicken Coops 

For people who are privileged enough to own a spacious backyard, adding seating furniture or planting in flowerbeds will usually still leave you with more space to do other things. Having a spacious backyard will require you to do more than one thing to maximize every inch of your outdoor space.  

If you own a spacious backyard, consider raising backyard chickens and using plastic chicken coops. Caring for and raising a flock will not only make your backyard more useful and your outdoor design more interesting, but this endeavor also allows you to make use of excellent fertilizers, clean your yard, and enjoy homegrown meat.  

install Chicken Coops

Plastic chicken coops are highly customizable, which means that you can decide how big yours will be. If you’re still starting, you can invest in a small plastic chicken coop and then expand as your flock multiplies. You can even use colored plastics to complement the overall aesthetics of your property.    

  1. Build A Fairy Garden 

It’s common for homeowners to plant flowers in their backyards and then turn the entire space into a garden. Sure, you can always do the same, but if you’re looking for something unique, it might be best if you build a fairy garden instead.  

Build A Fairy Garden

As the name suggests, a fairy garden is just like any other garden, but the main difference is that everything—from the plants to other garden decorations—is smaller. For you to build a fairy garden in your backyard, you need to purchase a potting mix, containers with drainage holes, flowers and twigs, and glass marbles. You can also add mini garden decorations such as a fairy house, mini fences, and small tables.    

  1. Install A Trampoline

If you have children at home, it’s important to make your backyard interesting for them. Investing in items for your backyard design that will only benefit adults won’t maximize your investment. When this happens, you’ll likely have to purchase some other items in the future to ensure that your children will actually enjoy your backyard.  

instal a trampoline

To make everyone at home happy with your new backyard design, install a trampoline in your outdoor space by burying it. This option is safer than putting a trampoline above the grain and is actually more aesthetically pleasing.    

  1. Make Butterfly Feeders

Colors can make your backyard stand out. This is one of the most obvious reasons why homeowners would exert time and effort to plant colorful flowers in their outdoor spaces. The more colorful their backyards are, the more interesting their property gets. 

Regardless if you already have healthy flowerbeds or not, making some butterfly feeders in your backyard is always a great idea. This will attract colorful butterflies, making your backyard more enchanting.  

Butterfly Feeders

For you to create butterfly feeders, simply use two saucers in different sizes and glue the smaller saucer on top of the larger one. Once done, place some fruits on the small saucer and wait until butterflies eat and fly around in your backyard.  

Depending on your preferences, you can place your butterfly feeders on the ground or hang them from your tree branches. However, if you do have pets at home, it might be best if you choose to hang your butterfly feeders to keep them out of reach from your furry friends.  

  1. Build A Fire Pit 

Using the backyard as an extension of one’s living space is common today. In fact, a lot of homeowners spend their hard-earned money extending their outdoor space so they will have more room to entertain their friends and family. If you share the same sentiment, why not make a fire pit to make your backyard more exciting? 

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A fire pit is another unusual thing you can add to your backyard. This is a smart investment because this allows you and your friends to roast food outdoors and stay warm even in the colder months. You can even add seats around your fire pit so your friends and family can enjoy better entertainment and comfort.  


  1. Plant A Container Garden

As mentioned, turning your backyard into a garden is common today. However, not everyone is a fan of tearing up their grass just to make room for flowerbeds. This is especially true for homeowners who own a large backyard. If you don’t want to damage your grass but still want to see colorful plants there, add a container garden to your outdoor space instead. This option is one of the best ways you can add color and life to your backyard without damaging what’s already there.  


Depending on your preferences, you can plant blooming flowers or vegetables in different types of containers. You can choose to use one color for all your containers, or paint them in different hues. Either of these options will make your backyard unique and interesting.  

  1. Hang A Hammock 

Most people would choose to spend time outdoors because this provides breathtaking views and fresh air. This kind of environment will make it very easy for anyone to relax and relieve stress. For you to experience the same thing whenever you’re out in your backyard, think about hanging a hammock. This is a very cheap backyard project that will only require you to look for a couple of trees and invest in a high-quality hammock.  


When setting up your hammock, observe which areas in your backyard receive the most shade at different times of the day. This is especially important if you’re fond of spending time in your backyard during broad daylight.  

  1. Construct A Trellis 

Simply put, a trellis is an architectural structure made from an open framework of intersecting pieces of bamboo, wood, or metal. Constructing a trellis and adding this item into your backyard will allow you to display shrubs and climbing plants. This is another item that should be added to your backyard design.  

When you have a trellis in your backyard, you’ll be able to highlight some of your best shrubs and climbing plants. Depending on your preferences, you can simply put your trellis alongside your outdoor furniture or use these as walls in between your garden.  

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  1. Install An Outdoor Kitchen 

While outdoor grills are usually enough for some homeowners, other people who love to host outdoor parties need more space to prepare and cook their meals. And although they can do all of these things in kitchens inside of their homes, going in and out can be time-consuming and stressful. How can you accommodate your guests if you’re too preoccupied cooking food for them indoors? 

To make the most out of outdoor space and solve this problem, install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. This is a very cost-effective investment as this will allow you to easily cook a wide variety of foods outdoors.

  1. Add A One-Day Storage Bench

You’ll need different things when you spend time outdoors. If you lounge in your outdoor furniture, you will usually need several pillows and a blanket to stay comfortable, especially during the nighttime. If you love to spend some time gardening, you will likely use several tools when you’re out.  

Instead of going in to store or get these essentials, why not place them in a storage bench in your backyard? Sure, this might be unusual to some, but a storage bench is actually a great addition to your outdoor space, as this offers additional storage space and extra seating furniture. This is especially useful if your backyard has limited room to have two different pieces of furniture for different purposes. 


Choose Carefully 

There are many unusual items that you can add to your backyard design today, but this doesn’t mean that you should throw in everything at once. Remember that the key to an effective backyard design is to prioritize functionality and cohesion. Adding too many unusual items just for the sake of it will make your backyard look too cluttered. 

Avoid this by carefully choosing which items to add to your backyard. These unusual items should fit the space of your backyard and suit your needs as a homeowner. After all, what good is a well-designed backyard if you can’t make use of it? 

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Anna Vaughn

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