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13 Tips to Feel More Secure in Your Home When Living Alone

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Living alone indeed has its very own perks and rewards. 

From being an immensely exhilarating experience, it can provide one with that much-required sense of freedom, which you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten with a roommate around.

However, having an entire apartment to yourself does come with its very own brand of fear and anxiety.  

If you have recently moved into a new neighborhood, we will not be surprised if you told us that you jump at every sound that reaches your ears during the night. 

The lack of a sense of security can spiral one into thinking that he/she might just be the next victim to a burglary in their neighborhood. 

But, today, let us try and help you feel more secure in your new abode. 

The tips we have brought for you are very easy to follow and if done right, they can make the most anxious of person feel safe in the most dangerous of neighborhoods. 

Tips to Feel More Secure in Your Home

  1. Set up a home security system 

The latest home security systems, though not as affordable as one might like it to be, have slowly grown to be quite instrumental in providing homeowners with a great sense of security.

Not only can these systems protect your valuables and family from burglary and theft, but they can be pretty life saving on a lot of occasions as well.

Tips to Feel More Secure in Your Home

If you are looking for a detailed review on home security systems online you will soon find out how versatile and technologically advanced they are. From remote computer and camera monitoring to fire and carbon monoxide detection, these systems are capable of a lot.

  1. Befriend your neighbors

A nosy neighbor can at times be a blessing in disguise. 

If your place ever gets ransacked, or you become a victim to a hostage situation; a neighbor who pokes and prods about your business can really come clutch in such situations. 

And we are not asking you to go out of your way to hold long conversations with your neighbors. Just befriend them, and show friendly gestures from time to time as you honestly never know when one of them can turn out to be your greatest asset in times of trouble.

  1. Keep your friends and family updated 

Your new thirst for solitary adventure and freedom should not alienate your friends and family. 

So, don’t be ashamed to involve them in some of your private goings when your safety is a concern.¬†

Keep them updated when you go out of your home, where you are going and at what time you will be expected back again. 

You can go one step further and download certain safety apps like ‘On Watch’ and even ‘React Mobile’ so that you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder every time you leave your place.¬†

  1. Dogs are your new best friends 

Burglars hate breaking and entering places, which have a pet, especially if it’s a dog.¬†

Not only are these furry canines walking, breathing alarm systems, but with the right training, they can also attack the invader and drive them away. 

Tips to Feel More Secure in Your Home

Their loud barks can alarm the neighbors and can be a great source of strength and comfort for those who have trouble sleeping alone at night.

Unlike human roommates, they will not encroach on your personal space, but do be aware of the breed that you take, as some dogs have ridiculously high maintenance. 

  1. Always check through the peephole 

Before opening your doors to anyone, always check through the peephole. 

Though this advice might sound quite rudimentary and obvious, you will be surprised to know how many people living in the urban area don’t look through their door peepholes at all before opening them.

This has been the primary cause of a lot of burglary incidents in the US alone. Unaware residents opening their doors to strangers is a direct invitation to trouble.

If you feel uncomfortable about an individual, do ask him/her to flash an ID through the hole, before you open the door. 

  1. Keep your blinds and curtains closed 

Before a burglary attempt, peeking through the windows and preemptively evaluating what’s worth stealing is a common practice among a lot of perpetrators.¬†

So, keeping your blinds and windows closed when you’re not at home is a good practice to have

Additionally, it can also be beneficial if you can keep them closed during the night as well. If your rooms are lit and the night is dark, anyone can very easily peek inside and get a good assessment of all the valuables that you have lying around the house.

Tips to Feel More Secure in Your Home

  1. Report any strange activities 

Hearing a particularly strange noise out in the hall or in your own living room in the middle of the night? Then never hesitate to pick up your phone and give your local cops a heads up if you’re not feeling all that safe.¬†

Moreover, if you’re noticing strange activities across the street through your window do dial-up 911, because you never know when disaster might strike and you get to save a neighbor from a potential robbery attempt.

When living alone, it’s essential to always be aware of your surroundings.

  1. Spare keys need to be hidden well 

The spare key to your apartment should never be kept at obvious locations. 

Adept burglars are quite experienced at finding spare keys. So if you’re planning to hide them below the front door mattress or even below a flower pot in your hallway, the chances are more than likely that the perpetrator will sniff the keys out.

So, try and be smart about your hiding spots. 

However, the best hiding option, in our opinion, is to give it to a neighbor whom you know and trust. That way, you don’t have to worry much.

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  1. Always keep the door locked 

The TV series ‘Friends’ might have inspired many to keep their doors unlocked for friends to barge in whenever they want. But an unlocked door is always going to be an open invitation for trouble.¬†

We cannot stress how important keeping your door locked is. Shut them and key them at all hours of the day, even when you’re in your apartment.¬†

Try having more than one lock systems in place as well, which will be linked to an alarm. The alarm will ring and notify the neighbours if the perpetrators try to lockpick or break their way in your home.  

  1. Do not receive maintenance workers alone 

May it be plumbers, carpenters, or the local electrician whom you see every day on your way to work, do not let them in your home when you’re alone.¬†

Always have one or two friends over your place if you’re pre-scheduling such visits with maintenance workers.¬†

However, if it’s an emergency visit, do let your neighbors know and try having them one of them over when the worker comes to fix, repair, or install appliances around your home.

You should never trust someone on face value alone. 

  1. An additional emergency exit can always come handy 

Burglary and theft are not the only things that can threaten your life when you’re living alone.¬†

Natural disasters like earthquakes and even fire breakouts are some of the major things you should always be on the lookout for, as there might not be anyone there in time to save you.

Have multiple exit strategies planned out. You should have at least more than one emergency exits which you should familiarize yourself with.

Having a lot of contingency plans when disaster strikes is a sure way of gaining a lot of mental peace when living alone.

  1. Throw a lot of gatherings 

If you host a lot of get-togethers at home, then that’s one sure way of unmarking your house as a potential target for burglars.¬†¬†

A home that’s bustling with people more often than not are less likely to be invaded by perpetrators.

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Having some friends over often will show the burglar who has eyes on you that you’re rather well connected and you have a lot of people who has got your back.

Busy homes are always unlikely sites of robbery unless it’s your guests who are doing the stealing. So only invite those people in your personal sphere whom you trust.¬†

  1. Be wary of your social media posts 

Announcing that you live alone and that you will be going out on vacation for so and so many days, is more likely to invite perps to your residence.

So, do try and be vague in your media posts about your daily living conditions, and when you will be out for vacation.

It’s better to upload the memories from your trip as well as the details after you get back home.

Final Thoughts 

Without the proper precautionary measures, living alone for anyone can be quite a daunting task. But we hope that our tips today were able to help you gain some courage when you’re venturing out to live in the world all on your own.

Till next time!


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