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The Bare Bones Ghost Chair: The Right Lucite and Wood Combination

Contemporary-Bare-Bones-Ghost-Chair-homesthetics (1)

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The following piece of furniture was designed for the ones with a big budget and an exuberant personality.  The  Bare Bones Ghost Chair, as it is entitled, is a handmade craft that comes at the small price of $1300 without shipping and a 4 to 6 weeks wait. Despite its high price, this particular chair has found the right combination of two rather different materials: on one side there are six worn pieces of driftwood and on the other, translucent acrylic slabs merged into the wood. Quite a strange combination one would say. But this combination is what makes this piece of furniture unique and interesting. Its peculiar design intrigues and makes you wonder if the chair is actually functional or if it would brake if you sit in it. But as the manufacturers have made more then one piece till now we can presume it is safe for usage. Acrylic furniture has become very popular in the last few years due to its translucent quality and airy aspect and in combination with natural elements such as wood, the design becomes more appealing and transforms into works of art. You could buy the  Bare Bones Ghost Chair just as a decorative object. That if you can afford such a  thing!

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Contemporary-Bare-Bones-Ghost-Chair-homesthetics (1)

Contemporary-Bare-Bones-Ghost-Chair-homesthetics (1)

Contemporary-Bare-Bones-Ghost-Chair-homesthetics (1)

Contemporary-Bare-Bones-Ghost-Chair-homesthetics (1)

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Bare Bones Ghost Chair homesthetics

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