Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Variety of laundry room shelving options Homesthetics

In a design every detail maters and the more time you allow choosing them, the better. Laundry room shelves especially come in a variety of forms and colors so there are lots of options to choose from but which is the best suited for your needs? We’re hoping that this article will help you decide and provide you with a few tips and pointers for achieving a striking yet useful set of shelves.

Wall Mounted Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Wall Mounted Shelving Idea with Organic Made Baskets

Georgia Coast Design & Construction

Open shelving like this one can posses a more personal and rustic image; you can alternate the dimensions, colours and materials of the baskets and makes the room feel a bit bigger. On the other hand, you get less storage space and think about the dust that’ll settle on the shelves, which you’ll have to wipe every week. You don’t get that with closed shelves. And, furthermore, it’s also a bit more difficult to organize. Your choice though. Personally, I’d go for the better looks.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Open Metal Shelving Design Idea


This example is less aesthetic than the rest but it does posses a certain industrial look and if that’s what you want your laundry room to look like, this is your choice. It’s very easy to make, very resistant and matches perfectly with those IKEA jars for keeping detergents. This design fits a more practical space where you don’t even have time to mind how things around you look like.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Elfa Customizable Shelving Idea From The Container Store

The set from The Container Store is named Platinum elfa Laundry Center and can vary in almost any way, according to how your laundry room looks like. It’s a very simple and elegant way of obtaining some storage space, easy replaceable and affordable.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Beautifully Arranged Laundry Room with a Variety of Storage Choices

Jalin Design

Apart from the cabinets on the right side of the picture, every storage space is open and easy to reach. The beautiful brown baskets add a bit of flavour to the room. In this example though, these wall mounted things become part of the design as well, through the colourful things hanged on them. Wonderful. Although, if you’re not careful, this room can get messy very fast.

Closed or Built-In Laundry Room Storage Options

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Simple White Enclosed Laundry Room Shelving Idea

Well-Designed Interiors

With such a storage option is much easier to keep the room clean as things don’t ‘lay around’ but are all tucked in a cabinet. It looks of course a bit more elegant and the design of the shelves can extend on the walls and the ceiling as well. And you can of course combine them, just like in this example. Probably the best way to go about it as you’ll always need an enclosed space for some stuff but the open ones looks much better and intimate.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Metal Pull-Out Drawers Incorporated in White Furniture Design Idea


Another brilliant way of combining open and closed shelves; the metal pull-outs make it easier for you to handle them and are easier to organize. These handy drawers are also placed in a way that makes your job easier, close to the ironing tile. Mind how you place the storage furniture in your own laundry room as it can either ease or harden your work.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Gorgeous Shiny White Laundry Room Featuring Island Type Storage


This is a great example for a very functional laundry room; the machines are placed above the first set of drawers so pulling out clothes will be much easier, everything is very well organized and there are tons of storage spaces. The island is a very nice touch, both aesthetically and functionally speaking, making it easier for you to oraginze the clothes you wash and iron. Love this one!

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Small Laundry Room Design Idea

Witt Construction

In a small space like this you have to take advantage of every bit of room available so consider both built-in cabinets and open shelving. Personally, I would have extended the upper storage spaces to the wall on the right, to take advantage of the wall’s entire length and for aesthetic purposes as well. Looks like something’s missing in this one.

Cool&Functional Laundry Room Shelving Design Ideas

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Laundry Room with Shelves as Decoration Idea

Redbud Construction Services

Shelves can also serve as purely decorative items, with no functional purpose. That is of course your choice; having a few items that make a room more beautiful and welcoming is always a great way to go about but in a laundry room, the first thing you want is enough storage space. Aesthetics comes afterwards you’ve made sure that there are enough cabinets and shelves for you to store all your clothes. This example however features some very nice design touches like artwork and sculptural corals, very good at making a room a bit more interesting.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Simple Laundry Room Design Featuring Glass Cabinets

Mascord House Plans

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Cute Laundry Room Decoration-Candy Jar Filled With Detergent

New Every Morning

This a great way of creating a custom decoration set. You can put anything in these candy jars, from coins, shells to detergent or condiments to obtain a very nice and unique decoration object.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Glass Canisters Set Design Idea

Crate & Barrel

Just like candy jars, these glass canisters can contain eny decorative item, I like the sea-shells best. This set from Crate&Barrel varies in height as well. Nice touch.

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Striking Pink Baskets for Achieving a Vivid Design

Smithouse Construction

The laundry room should be a vivid place, filled with dashing colours; you don’t have the same colour on all your clothes, do you? On top of that, a few accents always brighten up the place which is supposedly not a very big one. You can achieve this not by painting walls or furniture but by buying a nice set of under-counter bright pink baskets like in this example. Looks great!

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Vibrant Laundry Room Design Idea

Lucy Interior Design

This is probably the most decorated example of all. The powerful orange curtains create a point of interest, hiding the hanging bar behind them. Every item in this design contributes to the aesthetic attributes of this room and make it a much more attractive place. After all, you want to make the place you probably don’t want to be in the most as you’re always working there much more enjoyable so that it may make your work easier. It usually does!

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Blue Painted Laundry Room Shelving Design Idea

Designs by BSB

Although I don’t particularly like this colour, this type of design is very popular, simple and catchy. I prefer having white shelves and just a few accents here and there like a door or drawer. Painting the entire room, especially in a sort of ugly colour is not the best way to do it. Choose the right colours, there are online guides for this purpose: Sher-Color By Sherwin-Williams

Striking&Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas
Plants for a Lively Laundry Room Design

Camille Styles

Last but not least, plants are a great way of beautifying your laundry room, or any room for that matter. The presence of a natural thing makes a room more rustic and feel fresher. Hope you enjoyed this article and you’ll find it easier to arrange your laundry room. Feel free to comment and make suggestions of what you’re interested in designing a home!

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Bogdan Profir

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