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Start A Spring Garden With DIY Raised Garden Beds

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Having your own garden has a numerous list of benefits varying from obtaining healthy organic nutritive food for your family to spending more time outdoors and disconnecting. Spring has slowly taken over and there is no better time than now to start planting your seeds and arranging your garden. Raised garden beds represent a wonderful alternative to the traditional classical arrangement that usually keeps you occupied with weeds and pests all year round. Versatile and easy to handle, a diy raised garden bed can be placed almost anywhere around the house and kept within your reach.



The beauty of this type of project is the fact that you can literally use any type of materials to compose the actual structure of the bed as long as you keep the ecological consideration in mind and invest time in preparing the right type of soil, compost and an additional integrated watering system that will save you a lot of trouble in the near future.Depending on your future plants, a mixture of 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 compost is required for a healthy blooming crop. There are also a few methods based on layering your garden bed for maximum productivity. Do not treat the issue of the actual soil lightly as it is one of the most important considerations for the future of your garden.

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Further on we have prepared a series of DIY raised garden beds ideas to get you started. Happy planting.

DIY Raised Garden Beds Ideas

1. wine boxes transformed into diy raised garden beds containers

A very versatile solution that will keep intruders such as the occasional garden rabbit away.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (6)

2. METALLIC sheets with a coppery touch used as garden beds

We love the beauty of the coppery vibe this solution ads to the garden, contrasting with the delicacy f the actual plants.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (19)


3. wood containers dressed in metal

An additional protection has been given to these wooden raised garden beds as well as a more industrial touch.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (8)


4. an actual diy garden raised bed

Recycling is always a wonderful idea so why not use an actual bed for a raised bed garden?

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (9)


5. wooden pallets used as raised garden beds

Wooden pallets come again to prove their utility around the house.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (10)


6. metal pipe cut into pieces and transformed into raised garden beds

Cut them at different heights and create a wonderful raised garden.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (11)


7. a diy raised garden bed suitable all year round

It is important to keep your seedling away from cold in the very beginning.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (12)


8. reclaimed wood BEAUTIFYING a raised garden bed

Recycle old wooden bits and pieces for a very vintage french like atmosphere.



9. raised beds convertible into a SOLARIUM

A solarium will do the job for you in the garden, providing a fresh organic crop all year round.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (14)


10. WICKER baskets planted with herbs and spices

Wicker, herbs and lavender, what can be more French?

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (15)


11. an integrated  watering SYSTEM for your diy raised garden beds

Invest time and effort in an integrated watering system that will save you the time for watering and the problem of over or not enough moisture in your soil layers.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (16)


12. organize your diy raised garden beds with crops with different harvesting periods

It is essential and healthy proven to eat what is in season so diversify your pallet and plant vegetables for each month of the year.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (17)


13. a tipi shaped raised garden bed for climbing flowers and vegetables

This tipi raised bed solution will add aesthetically pleasing effects to your garden as well as serve as great base structure for your climbing plants.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (18)


14. bending wicker into perfect raised garden beds

Opt for wicker and other similar natural materials for your raised beds for a better integration in the natural context of your garden.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (1)


15. a FAIRY-TALE garden aligned with stone garden beds

Stone and greenery work hand in hand every-time.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (2)


16. huge wooden buckets used as raised garden beds

Be creative and versatile and repurpose anything you have lying around the house.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (3)


17. a herb garden within your reach

If you are a beginner gardener start with the classical herb garden.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (4)


18. plastic baskets used as raised garden bed containers

If you are planning in creating an extensive vegetable garden start by saving up boxes of all sorts for future pot storing.

Start-A-Spring-Graden-With-DIY-Raised-Garden-Beds-homesthetics (5)


Investing time in your small garden will definitely turn out to be very satisfactory on short and long term alike. Do you consider the alternative of DIY raised garden beds o good idea? Feel free to share your knowledge and opinion on this topic in the comment section below.

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