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Small Living Room Ideas for Entertaining Your Social Circle

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Dealing with a small space is never an easy task.But when the space in question is represented by the core of your home, the living room area, the difficulty increases.It is the social node of any dwelling, able to convey that wonderful feeling of appurtenance and coziness we all seek and deserve to experience each day.There is no perfect recipe for tackling the issue of a small living room, but as with any other problem the process has to be understood and taken one step at a time, starting with the configuration of the space itself and with your personal expectations of the space.

small-living-room-in blue-photo-by-Francisco-Aguila
Photo Credit: Francisco-Aguila

Easy to Do Small Living Room Ideas
Some of the best small living room ideas begin with comfort as the central theme, especially when you want to entertain the people in your social circle. Think about your space as a whole, picture it like a finished cake with multiple layers. The room dimensions, furnishings, lighting and accents are the ingredients you’ll use to create a wonderful place to enjoy. Create memories during the hours spent relaxing with family and friends, in conversations or entertainment activities.

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Imagination Meets Functionality
The best living rooms are both functional and visually stimulating. They have many things that please the eye, encourage people to have fun or just relax in a casual way. It’s important to take the structure into consideration first before deciding how to furnish it. Look at the shape of the room; is it rectangular or does it have many corners? How many windows and doors does the room have, how high is the ceiling?

Once you have this information, the real fun begins. Small living room ideas can be big on style when you are willing to think out of the box. Don’t be afraid to break a few common rules about handling spaces that are challenging. Take the room pictured above that does just that by using a rich paint color on the walls instead of the classic white to bring a relaxed Caribbean mood to the room. Keeping the ceiling white echoes the color of the furnishings. To maximize the reflective power of the natural light use a semi-gloss or satin paint.

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Socializing with Portable Furniture
Now think about how you will use the room. Keep in mind the size of your furniture when deciding which small living room ideas you want to use. In the setting in the photo above, the dominant piece of furniture is the sofa positioned opposite of the console table. These two pieces ‘anchor’ the setting, giving it balance. The chairs and accent tables add visual texture; while providing additional seating. A setting like this works great for a limited number of people.

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On the other hand, if you are big on entertaining at home, then the furnishings you use need to be flexible enough to maximize the size of the room. There are some very interesting space-saving designs that make these small living room ideas a great way to use portable furniture. Think of folding tables and chairs that you can use every day but can easily be tucked out of the way to open up the space to allow more room to socialize. Most of these designs are manufactured to a scale that’s ideal for apartment living.

This part of your home is not only functional, but stimulating to the imagination. It should be a place where you can express your style. Adding your sense of style to the most public part of your home can be a journey of self-discovery as you see the small living room ideas of hundreds of people living all over the world. Where you live can give you the backdrop you need to express your personality to those who visit your home. Although your home is not edible like a cake, you can certainly make it a delicious treat for the eye when you focus on the living experiences that have shaped you. For instance, using decorative art, mirrors and photographs in the living room has always stimulated communication among family and friends. Small living room ideas using colors or furnishings that strike a chord with you can easily be modified to fit your space.

Photo Credit: Jenna Pizzigati-Coppola

Short on Space, Big on Comfort
The photo above shows a fabulous way to take an even smaller space and turn it into a one of the best small living room ideas we’ve seen lately. Here you see simplicity in form and design. It’s amazing how the use of the over-sized mirror helps to give a sense of depth to the room. Using white paint on the walls and curtains makes the atmosphere of the room seem lighter. The scoop style of the chairs reflect comfort and give the room a welcoming feel. In terms of uncluttered style, this small living room idea works well because all of its functionality is neatly organized on one wall. Keeping the furnishings sleek and minimal adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

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Lighten Up Your Essentials
Apartment living puts a premium on making the most of the space you have. Sometimes this means you have to stretch your imagination to use small living room ideas effectively. For example, instead of using table or floor lamps, try recessed lighting, hanging lamps or install track lighting on the ceiling and walls to save space.

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

There are hundreds of small living room ideas that show how to use lighting creatively. Notice how in the photo above, the spotlights give an iridescent glow to the soft blue tone of the wall color. The lights are focused on the conversation pieces in the room; the artwork on the wall and the recessed bookcases with various decorated art pieces. By placing the spotlights centered on the ceiling there is no conflict with the natural light from the windows. The furniture setting encourages conversation and intimate entertaining with the coffee table that can be used for refreshments.

Photo Credit: Causa Designs

The hip modern look shown in the photo above also shows you how recessed ceiling lights can be combined with spotlights to provide accents on the artwork as well as general illumination for the room. The heavy use of white in this room makes the color of the accent table and other furnishing really stand out. In this case the entertainment center is the focal point of the space and the furniture layout supports easy viewing by everyone in the room.

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Create Your Own Small Living Rooms Ideas
Although entertaining at home means making it comfortable for visiting guests, remember you live here so make it sure it’s comfortable for you first. The bottom line in choosing small living room ideas for your home is to select the ones that help you to fully enjoy your leisure time.

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