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Simple Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations


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Yet again Thanksgiving is upon us, that special day we all tend to become more understanding, forgiving and thankful with the surrounding world, a special occasion usually celebrated with loved ones in the comfort and coziness of our homes. Over the years thanksgiving has become a wonderful reason of celebration involving all sorts of wonderful colorful decorations meant to adorn the homes and make us feel the special warmth of fall and the subtle signs of the coming winter. For busy individuals, preparing for the holiday ahead is quite a challenge, reason for which we have selected a few fast simple last minute Thanksgiving Decorations meant to aid you in the fast and rapid pace of preparations, cast a glance and have a wonderful day!

offer warm homemade dread as a home gift

Making your own bread for a huge guest list  might be too much but just imagine the wonderful homey smell that will fill your home!



use lovely delicate pumpkins as flower vases for the dinner table

You could even learn how to preserve them for later usage.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (7)


make use of red autumn apples for candle holders and infuse the lovely smell indoors

The warmth of the candles will fill the air with apple smells.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (10)


ice and summer fruit make an unusual cooler for your drinks

Mix leaves into the combination for an extra touch of hues.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (3)


use SLICES of logs as plate holders and add a rustic vibe

Wood has a regal presence like no other material, use it cheerfully.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (9)


be thankful with a pilgrim front door wreath

Stand out this year with an unusual door wreath.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (2)


a paper table cloth will save you up time on cleaning later on

You can even imprint special messages on it for your guests as well as the dinner table setting.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (12)


create a DINNER table CENTERPIECE out of a regal white pumpkin and other green fruit

Bold contrasts are the key!

Last Minute Thanksgiving (5)


punch is a definite must on thanksgiving

This needs some practice to be achieved in a short period of time but it’s a good idea for next year.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (6)


learn how to thanksgiving cheat

Prepare meals in a smart way.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (8)


personalize your table setting

Impress your guests with personalized table settings.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (11)


small delicate gestures make a wonderful impression

A little bit of pine green is all that is needed in a simple pure white composition.

Last Minute Thanksgiving (4)


Are you ready for Thanksgiving? How do you prepare each year, do you have a tradition you follow? Feel free to share your input in the comment section below.

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