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Simple Cute Paper Crafts You Could Try


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Paper is a versatile material that can be bent, folded, cut, glued, stitched in so many forms, able to take on any shape you can think of. The art of origami is here to prove this without any doubt. The delicacy of paper crafts cannot be denied, its fragility is one of the most important characteristics of the material that draws us in when we see a paper star or paper flower. Folds and folds depict a story, a working pattern, an idea. Paper crafting is also one for the most easy crafts a DIY beginner could take on, a craft everyone has a first contact with in kindergarten. Start with basic simple projects that revolve around cutting and gluing paper. Later on you could take on the wonderful art of Origami and move forward towards the more complex art of Kirigami.The same pattern is valid when you are trying to teach your little kids paper crafting.Start small and teach them the basic steps one should take in such a craft.Get inspired from the paper crafts featured below and feel free to share your own in the comment section below.

 create a simple yet effective PAPER BASKET


paper crafts homesthetics (7)

 stitch up paper to create decorative feathers

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  learn how to create gift packaging


paper crafts homesthetics (2)

make delicate hand-made PAPER ROSES


paper crafts homesthetics (9)

 teach your kid how to create  PAPER BLOSSOM

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paper crafts homesthetics (10)

 use paper to form a geometric vase


paper crafts homesthetics (5)

recycle  VINTAGE BOOKS into christmas tree decorations


paper crafts homesthetics (6)

twinkle twinkle little PAPER STAR


paper crafts homesthetics (4)

 prepare for the winter holidays in advance


paper crafts homesthetics (8)

Easter is all about eggs in all forms


paper crafts homesthetics (3)

 hide your POSSESSIONS in plain sight


paper crafts homesthetics (1)

What do you think about these simple paper crafts? Feel free to share your own paper crafts with us in the comment section below.

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