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Review of the Relaxon MK IV|Full Body Shiatsu, Zero Gravity With Heating & Air Massage

RELAXONCHAIR MK IV Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built in Heating and Air Massage

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If you are researching a full body shiatsu massage chair, your quest just became a lot more easier, a very interesting follows. Relaxon Chair MK IV comes with a built-in heating and air massaging system and zero gravity which is perfect for a full body Shiatsu massage, the chair is available in a shade of brown and is manufactured by Relaxonchair, a company based out of California, and happily comes in easy EMIs [twelve-month financing at zero interest].

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Description and Benefits of Relaxon Massage Chair

The massage chair is manufactured using state of the art technology and is made with utmost care, to make sure that it is free from any material or manufacturing defects. The product comes with multiple features, which include a back sensor, back heating, unique massage features (aimed for the back, shoulder and calf muscles and feet ), and adjustment to the legs among many other specifications. You can go through the following description to know more.

  1. Ergonomic First Class Design for Perfect Fit

The product design is inspired by the first class seating in the airplanes and is made in such a way that it fits every human body type perfectly, despite the size, shape, and weight.

  1. Space Saving 3-Stage Gravity Technology

The headrest of the chair moves down, as the chair slides in a forward direction; paving the way for the new generation zero gravity technology, which requires only three inches of space from the wall as a clearance.

  1. S-Shape Rail System with the Next Generation Technology

Unlike many traditional massage chairs which use the L-Shape design, this chair has an S-Shape rail system, which naturally contours the shape of your body more comfortably and naturally for a better massaging experience.

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  1. 3 Memory Programs Which can be Customized

The Relaxonchair helps you get a massage in any way that you want, without any issues. The memory programs let you set 3 different kinds of massaging sessions, right from the start of the massage to the end in any combination, time or sequence.

  1. 5 Auto Programs

In case you don’t know how to customize your massage, you can simply choose from one of the five auto programs preset into the working of the chair.

  1. Relax: for deep massages emphasizing on the acupressure point
  2. Comfort: For the relaxation of muscles and bones
  3. Back and Waist: Massages specific to the back and waist of the body
  4. Neck and Shoulder: For a targeted massage on those particular areas
  5. Decompress: To help with the circulation of blood in the body
  1. Back Heating System

Carbon fibers are used as a source of heating in the chair, to ensure quick, even and stable heating during the time of the massage.

  1. Next Generation Foot Massager

The foot massager of the chair uses state of the art technology to ensure stress on different parts of the foot during the massage. The 20 airbags present in the foot massager makes sure the heel, Achilles tendon, as well as the front and the back of the foot, receive excellent massage through Shiatsu footplate. And in case you’re tall, don’t worry, they can extend up to eight inches.


  1. Next Generation Arm Massager

The eight airbags present in the arm massager makes sure the massager moves along with you when you relax with the help of zero gravity positions, enabling you to experience an effective massage to your arms.

  1. Adjustment of Shoulder Height

Now, you don’t have to worry about not having a good massage chair experience due to your height. This chair has a great adjustment facility so you can have an equally good massage despite being taller or shorter height.

  1. Manual Massage Mode

The manual massage mode comes with three intensity levels and three-speed control levels, including Shiatsu, knocking, kneading, tapping, as well as a level combining knocking with tapping.

  1. Deep Air Massage

This technology with varied airbags surrounds different parts of your body and massages them with independent control of intensity levels.

  1. Upper Body Stretch

This function lets you adjust your upper body according to your height to ensure optimum massaging.

  1. Fully Functional Smart Remote Control with Pocket

The massage chair comes with a remote control that’s easy to read and operate. And there’s a little pocket on the side so that you don’t lose the remote anywhere.

  1. Quality

The chair is made of premium quality leather and a frame that’s light weighted so that you could get an entirely relaxed massaging experience.

Review of the Relaxon MK IV|Full Body Shiatsu, Zero Gravity With Heating & Air Massage

Other Specifications Include

  1. Product Dimension
  • Regular Position 30.5(W) x 55(L) x 47.3(H) inches
  • Full Zero Gravity Position 30.5(W) x 83.5(L) x 32.3(H) inches
  1. Weight
  • Package Weight 231 lbs.
  • Net Weight 197 lbs.
  1. Model RC-MKIV
  2. Warranty: 5 Years [detailed information given below]

Warranty Details 

  1. The warranty for the first year covers all the body parts of the chair along with the labor (transportation and repair)
  2. The second-year warranty only extends to the chair’s body parts. It doesn’t include any labor charges.
  3. Third year onwards (until the end of the warranty period), Relaxonchair only replaces the main structural body frame, in case of any damages. Everything else isn’t included in the warranty anymore.
  4. Onsite repair during the warranty period isn’t available.
  5. The purchaser of the chair must call the Relaxonchair executive and let him know about the defective parts so that he can take care of the repairs as per the warranty period and information.

The warranty of the product doesn’t extend to 

  1. Usual wear and tear, that include, but isn’t confined to the Velcro, fabric tears and zippers of the chair.
  2. Damage occurred due to mishandling or misusing the chair.
  3. The product which is not installed as per the instructions in the manual.
  4. Damages occurred during the shipping and handling – they must be taken care of by the carrier of the product instead.
  5. Any negligence or damage that is accidental, like stains, molds, cuts, animal damages, burns, etc.
  6. Any Act of God mishap.
  7. Any kind of property damage except the economic/product loss of the consumer.
  8. Second-hand users; the product’s warrant shall be extended only to the original buyer of the product.
  9. Commercial purposes; the warranty gets void the minute it is used for anything other than residential purposes.

Warranty Claim Procedure

The warranty can be claimed by contacting the customer service via telephone or email and producing the proof of purchase for the warranty claim. The customer service executive will assign the repair order number, after which, your issue will be resolved.

There are certain legal rights the owner acquires as a part of the warranty claim; this shall differ from state to state.

Pros and Cons of Real Relax Massage Chair

  • the chair is easy to assemble and takes about an hour, right from unwrapping to installation
  • chair offers strong and relaxing massage experience
  • the 3-inch wall-hugger design is perfect
  • auto adjust works well with different heights
  • lower leg and foot massaging experience might not satisfy everyone, it is very tight and can squeeze your massages harder than you would want
  • manual is not easy to go through; it just specifies the functions of different buttons
  • a help video or manual would have helped better

Customer Opinion of the Product

The chair has received highly positive reviews from the customers and has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most of the users find it easy to assemble the chair without any tools, and not much hassle. Another wide opinion among the customers is that it works effectively in relieving the pain and helps them get through the day comfortably, after just 20 minutes of massage session each day. Also, the less space consumption by the product makes it an easy fit in the housing spaces. The only probable set back is that some of the people might find the massage too intense and painful. Other than that, the chair exactly does what is expected of it.

Final Thoughts on The Product

To put it all in a nutshell, I must say that I am quite impressed with this massage recliner, it is difficult for any off-brand to be competing with the others in the market and give a tough run. If you’re looking for an investment you won’t regret, then this massage chair a is worth your money!

If you are still not certain that Relaxon MK IV is the one, worry not, all the truly powerful options are right here !

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