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A Pop Of Color In The Forest – The Red House by JVA

Red House by JVA 3

Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects (JVA) have taken a wonderful serene and rather wild natural landscape in a river valley situated right outside of Oslo and inserted a bright concentration of red hue into the form of a Red House.The small settlement has been positioned perpendicularly to the river bank in order to take advantage of the natural slope the site offered.

Red House by JVA (3)

The two story home nestled all the main activities on the second floor where its inhabitants can get the most out of the beautiful scenery surrounded the house. The natural has been invited in through large glazed walls, connecting the outer space with the inner zones and offering thus an incredible experience.

Red House by JVA (4)

Whereas the construction as its name reflects, The  Red House, uses bright bold red hues, the interiors have been kept neutral, calm, serene and airy with tones of beige and white that capture and reflect the abundance of natural light offered by the large windows. Wooden floors come in to connect the spaces and to exude a feeling of warmth and coziness in what can be considered to b a rather rigid form.
Red House by JVA (2)
The second floor captures the wonderful scenery through an open yet covered terrace designed to frame and focus certain areas of the forest.
Red House by JVA (5)

Red House by JVA (6)

Minimal shapes and bold sharp cuts define the volume that can be easily inserted into a prism yet the orientation and positioning on the slope appears to transform the image and makes the entire form dynamic.On one lateral side the first floor has been treated in a dark hue, accentuating this false dynamism even further and offering even a stronger contrast.

Red House by JVA (7)

Red House by JVA (1)

The red hue “reflects the temperament of the client” and manages to stand out no matter the whether. An image take right out of a fairy-tale, don’t you agree? What do you think about this small abode? Feel free to share your reflections in the comment section below.
Photography and information courtesy of Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects

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