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23 Best Places Where to Find Cheap and Free Books Today

Places Where to Find Cheap and Free Books

If you like reading books but do not like spending money, this article is for you. After all, it is not necessary to spend all your savings on your favorite hobby when you can find some alternative way out. In the same way, as with all other products, you can find a way to get this or that book cheaper and more comfortable than buying a new one every time. The only significant difference in the purchase of clothes and cheap books for sale is that the value of the book does not change and you get the same set of information as if you had bought a new book. After all, textbooks at a discount do not have torn pages, which sometimes we cannot say precisely about discounts on other products. In this article, we will show you a whole list of different ways as profitable as possible and get some interesting book that you would like to read.

Places Where to Find Cheap and Free Books

Places Where to Find Cheap and Free Books

1. Textbooks.com

The main thing is that many of them are available and affordable, as a lot of stuff on PapersOwl. If you are interested in goods that you can buy cheaper, this is the site for you. If you dig around thoroughly, you can find discounts up to 90% and buy all the necessary textbooks in one fell swoop.

2. Half Price Books

The second site where you can get good discounts is Half Price Books. Here you will find books on various subjects like sports, cooking, economics, business, and others if you need some for essay writing, and all this from more than 20 000 individual sellers. But that’s not all. On the same site, you can buy movies and music too!

3. Alibris

Where else can you find books, music, and movies if not on Alibris? It has been working since 1998 and is the best in terms of convenience and structure because the creators had time to take care of everything. On the site, you will find more than 150 million items on various subjects with discounts.

4. Thrift Books

This site can also offer you things at competitive prices, but it’s not only that different. Here you can find a flexible system of discounts that will allow you to receive different cash bonuses for the purchase of additional things, or in the case of buying two or more items, you can save by the amount and save some cash on writing service.

5. Powell’s Books

This resource replenishes its reserves with used books of 5000 pieces per day, and you can buy any of them at a great price. It’s easy to find the book you need because the site has a convenient search system by title, author name, and other similar parameters.

6. Amazon

Of course, we could not help but pay attention to this titan of the book market. Here you can find almost anything, including cheap used books at a reasonable price. Therefore, do not miss the chance to thoroughly check the warehouses of this giant of sales and find for yourself something exciting and useful.

7. AbeBooks

Another veteran of the industry of sales of old things which has been working since 1997. Here you can find many items which price is only 1 dollar. You can choose paperback or hardcover books and definitely find for yourself something among the millions of items.

8. BetterWorldBooks

If you are interested in not only buying a book but also participating in a charity, then this is the ideal place. Because here every purchase is made with the confidence that you are doing a good deed by giving some of your money to improve libraries and increase the level of literacy in the world.

9. Bookdepository

Here you can find a lot of used items at a reasonable price. But even if you decide to buy a few new ones, they will still be much cheaper than in other stores. What else is good? Of course free delivery. What else might sound better when your goods have to be delivered from somewhere, and you are trying to save as much as possible.

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10. Valorebooks

This service is more than just a place to buy a book at a low price. Because sometimes you don’t have to buy anything at all. It specializes in renting, selling and buying things. So if you have a need or desire to turn one of these manipulations on favorable terms – you are welcome.

11. Booksamillion

If you want to save on books but do not want to buy used ones, then there is a way out for you. On this site, you can find a discount on new items, even if it’s a bestseller or buy a new one cheaper if you pre-order it.

12. Paperbackswap

Feel like a real bookseller and trade or sell your book to get another one. What could be better than to give what you do not need and get what you need? Practically, this is the trade. Nearly. Find something out of about two million items for yourself and give something in return.

13. Biblio

Another site for lovers of charity. Here you will be not only able to find even very rare things at a great price but also be able to contribute to the construction of libraries in the rural part of southern America. So do not waste time and do good deeds in exchange for the knowledge you need.

14. Daedalusbooks

Are you looking for classic literature? Here you will find it. Want to read some bestsellers? Here they are too. A discount on them can reach as much as 90%, and that’s not all. There are also deposits of DVD and music for every taste.

15. Strandbooks

Have you ever had such a thing that you are looking for a really rare book or a copy that has not been printed for a long time? And your first thought was always “just to find a place where these things still remain.” This is the place we found it, also with good prices and assortment.

16. Bookmooch

It’s simple. Want a book? Change it to your own. The system is as old as the world. So time to sort out all your trash, choose some books and textbooks that you have already read and exchange them for something necessary and interesting.

17. Magersandquinn

Documentary literature at great prices. Looking for something new and rare? Here is your option.


Here you cannot only find the book you need but also compare their prices. In addition, this procedure you can turn not only with books but also with many other goods.

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19. Direct Textbook

Another similar tool for price comparison. As you can see from the title, the resource specializes in textbooks, so if you decide to do a lot of shopping for the next academic year, go here.

20. DealOZ

If for some reason the above sites did not suit you, you can use this search engine and find your most popular book at the lowest price. Even if it is a new book and bestseller.

21. Skyo

The site will help you find your favorite books or textbooks at the right price. In addition, you can rent a manual for the period you need and use it until the end of the study of the subject, for example.

22. The Strand

On this site, you can find not only cheap items but also rare ones and those that are not sold anymore. So, if you missed something important and want to read it, you need to go here and check everything.

23. Half

This is a great site owned by eBay and is a type of auction where you can buy a book at an affordable price. The sooner you do it, the better.

All of the above methods will allow you to buy the necessary items at a great price, at a discount, for a promotion, or to help you compare prices. In addition, you can participate in charity while choosing for yourself something that you have long wanted to read. Any formats, rates, directions, and subjects. Everything is created for your convenience and savings. Therefore, take some time and go shopping!

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