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Organic Futuristic Contemporary Fireplace Design- Mvtikka by Nuvist

Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist in context

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The fireplace is a unique touch in absolutely any interior design, it just changes the interior, makes it cozier and warmer. It gathers people and brings an optimistic feeling of joy at any given time.

Today’s fireplaces though are leaving the iconic apparel behind, becoming smaller and far more modern if not futuristic, they`re from another era, materials used are different and so on. The fireplace ahead has been designed by   Nuvist studio that managed to control and generate fluid shapes in a modern language without losing space nor dedicating much space to it, on the wall it`s not bigger then a painting yet the ambiance provided is remarkable. We still love the old brick fireplace which is far cozier and nicer but we have to be realistic and realize that versatile solutions are a must and they need consideration.

The designers are further relating:

Of course the main inspiration for a fireplace design is the flame and so we have also done it like that. We have made connections between natural and simple curvilinear lines of fluid fire waves to create the design. Simple fluid lines transforms into continuous dynamic surface for a fireplace which has been envisioned for all kind of contemporary and classical interior spaces“.

What do you think about this modern fireplace? In what interior would you place this master piece?


simple and small Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist view


perpendicular view over Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist


perpendicular view Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist

simple Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist

red orange Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist

teal tourqoiuse Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist

purple Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist

grey Organic-Futuristic-Contemporary-Fireplace-Design-Mvtikka-by-Nuvist

Photo Courtesy to Nuvist

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