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Old Farm Transformed Into an Unique Vintage Home with Scandinavian Accents

simple black and white aOld-Farm-Transformed-Into-an-Unique-Vintage-Home-with-Scandinavian-Accents-alternative-to-modern-mansions-homesthetics

After we`ve presented you the outstanding transformation of a Farmhouse into a Amazing Chalet , today we`re going to present you something similar, an old farm that survives an outrageous transformation, managing to keep an unique atmosphere.
This old farm is located in Sweden and with the help of some modern furniture and appliances along with lots of great vintage accents it managed to get a second life. Stark white walls and small colorful details here and there are implementing a smooth taste within the simple wooden and shabby chic benches and drawers so the whole assemble is recalling the image of a truly vintage Scandinavian interior.
Due to the tiles and faucets, the kitchen describes an area that can be easily placed in the 60`s and 70`s.

Homesthetics Conclusion

The whole home is designed with great taste and you can see that every detail has been hand picked to take part at the great scenario, the bold black and white bathroom with simple tiles on the floor and white walls seems very personal and intimate, the small windows and the black accents are being used as complementary accents in order to have that special “something”.

 detail shot  aOld-Farm-Transformed-Into-an-Unique-Vintage-Home-with-Scandinavian-Accents-alternative-to-modern-mansions-homesthetics

cozy living room interior design  aOld-Farm-Transformed-Into-an-Unique-Vintage-Home-with-Scandinavian-Accents-alternative-to-modern-mansions-homesthetics

modern kitchen interior design  aOld-Farm-Transformed-Into-an-Unique-Vintage-Home-with-Scandinavian-Accents-alternative-to-modern-mansions-homesthetics


Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

As a sheer idealist, Anton’s approach in architecture and content curation is tedious and meticulous this clearly reflects in his work here on Homesthetics with each and every article, after a decade of work on Homesthetics, the content creation guidelines still being improved every month.

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