Thursday, December 8th, 2022

Natural Swimming Pools by Biotop-The New Eco Trend

extraordinary green vegetation Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

Everyday we hear and see topics regarding environmental issues and ecology and sustainability. So it was only natural to apply the green, eco principles to our swimming pools as well. It has been known for a while that the chlorine used in swimming pools to disinfect the water has negative harmful effects to our skin and health and that it is considered a toxin. Not to mention the fact that we all hated that cleaning product smell!

So, naturally, a series of companies popped up, offering different types of pool systems that do not involve chemical substances or reduce the need for chlorine up to 90%. Biotop has managed to create luxurious beautiful pools without the harmful effects of chemicals and overly priced water filtering systems. Everything is kept natural and green, blending with the environment and offering thus a greener,safer solution.

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extraordinary Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

circular Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

detail shot Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

green swimming pool design

extraordinary backyard landscaping Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

green infinity swimming pools Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend


long teal Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

waterfall pouring into the swimming pool

simplicity empowered Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

beautiful pavilion pergola by the swimming pool

neat Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

clean and smooth Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

the reflection of a house in a swimming pool


simple clean and beautiful Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend


unusual shape Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

two extraordinary swimming pools in the mountain

futuristic house design and swimming pool

Natural Swimming Pools by Biotop-The New Eco Trend

green lush vegetation by the swimming pool


green Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend

Natural Swimming Pools by Biotop-The New Eco Trend homesthetics (29)



huge swimming pool design

beautiful terrace design and outstanding patio

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