Mood Setting DIY Spooky Chandelier Shades

Mood setting DIY Spooky Chandelier Shades 002

You know those times when you just need to change something in your immediate surroundings, to renew, energize, change the mood. Well any day can be the day you find a great opportunity to switch it up around the house. Take a look at these amazing DIY spooky chandelier shades. You`ll get the job done in no time, and you`ll get some unique spooky shade covers.

Mood setting DIY Spooky Chandelier Shades (2)

Logistic wise you`ll need a few things, some black card stock, a spooky shaped paper punch of your choosing (we used Halloween as it is the globally renowned spooky mood inducing Holliday), some beaded trim or some lace, the glue you care to use and a pair of scissors .

Mood setting DIY Spooky Chandelier Shades

Take your old lamp shade and use it to trace the exact shape and dimensions on the black card stock, laying it on the side and rolling it. Cut it with the scissors carefully, make the punches with your preferred shape, tape it up and attach the beaded trim on the bottom. There you have it ! A fast , rewarding little DIY project to ensure your daily dose of new !

Mood setting DIY Spooky Chandelier Shades (2)

Don`t stop here ! Tell us in the comments section below how your St Patrick`s Day, or Valentine`s Day mood setting DIY chandelier looks like !

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