Cliff View Modern Mansion with Undefined Boundaries in Colombia by Arquitectura en Estudio

swimming pool design Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio

Located in a breathtaking site, Villeta (100 km away from Bogotá, capital of Colombia) our luxurious residence opens up widely to the serene landscape, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, all being envisioned by Arquitectura en Estudio . The main influence in the concept has been the landscape obviously, being surrounded by the lush vegetation of the mountains and the ever present warm weather determining the authors to open up the space to the full potential. The modern mansion has no windows or doors, the intimacy function being served by a knit timber screen which can be fully opened or closed to protect the interior or add privacy .

The interior spaces are hosting four bedrooms, a wide living room and kitchen with the additional bathrooms, dinning area and other such spaces. The core of the home is obviously the living room, being connected with the decks and the swimming pool which spills into the surroundings. At dawn the views are breathtaking, impressive and quite dramatic, post cards views, literally.

The only element that constrains the spaces and can be found repeatedly in the home are the round metal columns, structural objects being the only limit between our modern mansion and nature. This luxurious residence is one of the few which withdraws as much as possible from the environment without hurting it, at first glance.

We would love to hear your opinion about it, would you define it as a dream home?

bedroom interior design Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio

backyard ladnscaping Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio

modern living room interior design Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio

modern living room and backyard landscaping ideas Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio

backyard swimming pool design Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio



dinning terrace patio area Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio

detail shot Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio



infinity swimming pool Modern-Mansion-with-Undefined-Boundaries-in-Colombia-by-Arquitectura-en-Estudio


Photo Courtesy to David Uribe

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