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MG Residence – Modern Mansion Luxury and Style Standard by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos in São Paulo

swimming pool design in the MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo

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 Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados are the geniuses behind the design and development of MG Residence, a modern mansion hidden in a suburb in the western Sao Paulo, Brazil. The design process emphasizes the location of the home, using the deep site and flat surface to its advantage, creating a very strong connection with the surrounding lush vegetation. The inhabitants of this dream house are literally living large, the interior spaces are distributed on four levels, including the basement, these spaces being filled everything that one would desire, from a 10 car garage down to its own gym with a view! The backyard landscaping emphasizes the home featuring a 25 meter swimming pool and sublime vegetation, everything being as close to perfection as possible, setting the rules down for future modern mansions to follow.

The architects are further relating :

The architectural proposal of keeping people together and in harmony determines the interconnected spaces, including the pool area. A stripe partially invades the ceiling with a double height balcony, built to house the central atrium. The abundant presence of glass allows the visitor or resident to see who is in the children’s room, living room and dining, while overlooking the garden

the garden outside MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo

exterior terrace MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo

living room interior design MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo

breathtaking view MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo

living room design in the MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo


view to the living room and the swimming pool of the MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo

living room design MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo



backyard landscaping ideas vMG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo

backyard landscaping ideas MG-Residence-Modern-Mansion-Luxury-and-Style-Reinach-Mendonça-Arquitetos-in-São-Paulo










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