30 World`s Most Beautiful Luxury Villas Designs to Get Inspiration From

Luxury Villas

Villas are a symbol of prosperity and status around the world; from the Caribbean to the Indian subcontinent, from Europe to Africa, from the Americas to the Pacific Islands. They come in a beautiful variety that includes bungalows, chateaus, treehouses and modern, expansive residences.

Going through catalogs is easy, but what if you need a more global influence to be inspired by before you proceed to construct your dream home? This Luxury Villas Designs list whets your creative appetite just right and is guaranteed to leave you in awe.

Now you might wonder: If I dream of a luxurious villa, will my pocket be just as luxurious to afford it? Well, there is no definite answer to it, but luxury doesn’t always mean costly. From million dollar projects to sustainable and recycles ones, here are some very inspiring designs for your new villa –

1. Château Espérance

Where: PĂ©rigord, France

A château, in French, literally means a castle. This medieval castle has been redecorated and furnished into a grand villa. Nothing says luxury like a large medieval castle turned into a luxurious bungalow. The spacious room sizes from old castles are worth the money you invest in your new villa.

Although if you’re not able to get hold of an existent castle, don’t worry. You can still take inspiration from this bungalow and get a castle constructed out of stones, clay, and wood. An antique interior dĂ©cor will just help boost the feel of living in the 17th century.

2. L’Antiquaire

Where: Provence, France

From the fields which Van Gogh once roamed and painted, this villa is an excellent replication of his art. As the name suggests, the villa is “antique” as in old. It resembles an old cottage from the fairy lands, with lavish gardens.

The interior is typically French, painted with pastel colors. The furniture can match the old, ornately carved wooden commodities. So if you love indulging in French architecture, this type of a villa is worth investing in.

luxury villa L’ANTIQUAIRE

3. Hause Hall Farm

Where: Martindale, England

This seemingly simple farmhouse is another medieval-style villa located in the hills of Cumbria. If you’re interested in countryside lifestyle with a private bungalow, this villa is undoubtedly an inspiration. The large windows perfect for a lot of breeze and sunlight.

If you like to keep open minds and windows, you may even build windows from the ceiling to floor, opening out to the view of the hills and valleys. So if you plan to have a villa in a private area, this can be a perfect idea to take inspiration from.

4. Villa Spinaltermine

Where: Umbria, Italy

I love medieval architecture. The extensive use of stone and wood, the old persona that comes with it, and the spacious luxury of it is beautiful.

If you don’t mind traveling back in time, from the comfort of your armchair or soft bed, this design is a must try. The lofty ceilings of this villa just add a nostalgic charm that old houses bring. It is quite a durable piece of architecture too.

5. Villa Poletti

Where: Lake Como, Italy

The Mediterranean climate is truly the most pleasant climate for vacationers. It’s a beautiful experience, being surrounded by mountains, fresh garden produce, and Lake Como’s scenic view.

You can get that feeling from the laid back life in your country. Building a villa like this, simple old European exterior with lavish interiors, will surely replicate that little side experience for you.

via pinterest

6. Indian Palaces

Historical Indian palaces have always been a tourist attraction for travelers from around the world. The symmetry, detailed carvings, warm decor and the ancient design of the old mansions are associated with luxury and uniqueness in modern architectural projects.

If this ancient decor of a palace catches your eye, you can absolutely opt to design your very own Indian-themed villa. Carved stones and wooden pillars are readily available due to new technology. Adding antique copper and brass furniture and using brightly dyed fabrics for the interior will surely make your villa look royal.

7. Tinos KP

Where: Kalivia Beach, Greece

Greek seaside houses are exceptional in their architecture. Their white exteriors build a stark contrast to the colored background of their surroundings. This villa looks straight out of a Greek tourist postcard.

Using rocks for the exterior makes the villa look minimalistic, but when you step inside, the interior could take your breath away. You can surely try this design for your villa, rocks and white walls against a natural surrounding.

8. Villa Treville

Where: Positano, Italy

A villa of royal grandeur, it is located on the Amalfi Coast of Positano, Italy. It is sea facing and built on a cliff. The architecture of the bungalow reminds me of Santorini, with whitewashed walls and blue seas beyond the beach.

If you’re planning to build a similar villa on the coast, using this villa for inspiration is a good choice. It follows the nautical theme specifically, with brilliant shades of azure and white. Cater to your affinity to blue seas with a villa like this.

via pinterest

9. White Lodge

Where: Kalkan, Turkey

Moving on to something of modern design, this literal White Lodge is something you cannot miss. Overlooking the vast view of the Kalkan beach town, this boutique villa is an epitome of purity.

It is decorated both inside and out with shades of white furnishings. If you feel like following this trend and designing your single-colored lodge, you can definitely rest easy knowing that your idea will work out. Just look at this pretty villa and be reassured.

10. Presidential Cottage Villa

Where: Azura, Mozambique

This cottage style luxurious villa instantly transports you to an island in turquoise waters of the sea. The grass thatched high ceilings and the earthy wooden look of this villa are purely mesmerizing.

The wooden roof seems exceptionally and beautifully antique, yet sturdy. You could definitely use this design for your villa, especially if you’re building it in the hills or next to a beach. You could enjoy the natural life without compromising on your luxuries.


11. Water Villa at The Elements

Where: Dominical, Costa Rica

Balinese style luxurious villas are always in demand when it comes to a relaxing seaside vacation. The ornately carved wooden pillars, railings, and ceilings make you feel like you’ve been transported to old oriental palaces.

You can surely get inspired by this villa, and build your own Balinese style beach bungalow. You can add to your cottage with Asian fabrics for curtains and furnishings too. Adding copper antiquities will be a cherry on the top of your cake!

12. GoldenEye Resort

Where: Oracabessa Bay, Jamaica

This famous bungalow, once owned by the James Bond author, Ian Fleming, is now part of a cluster of luxurious resort villas. This private villa faces the turquoise waters of the lagoon. Other cottages on this property are unique designs, all worthy of attention.

You can take inspiration from these designer beach cottages; may it be one built on stilts, hanging on the shallow lagoons, or its famous outdoor showers and baths. You can definitely check out the catalog of various individually designed villas on this property and pick one or two ideas for your private sea facing beach house.

13. Eagles View Suite

Where: Syöte National Park, Finland.

This villa is a prime example that treehouses aren’t just meant for kids. You can use inspirations from your childhood and give it a modern and luxurious twist. Like this villa hotel, which uses glass and metal for its construction, has full-length windows and a glass ceiling.

You could use similar ideas for a panoramic view from high above, and glass ceilings for late night star gazing. A villa such as this is sure to guarantee privacy and fame, and inspire the adventurer in you.

14. The Secret Treehouse

Where: Bowen’s Creek Gorge, Australia

Unlike the Finnish treehouse mentioned above, if you’re interested in a traditional wooden treehouse, you could definitely pick up an idea or two from this gorgeous villa. Even if it is customary in its architecture, don’t worry, it does not compromise on luxury and space.

The beautiful wooden framework seems uncommon, paired with the cozy wooden interior. You could even design a deck to offer you fantastic views of the bird’s eye. Treehouses are lovely, and your tree villa is sure to amaze people with its ingenious and daring design.

15. Chalet N

Where: Oberlech, Austria

How about a fantastic, luxurious wooden villa? This villa located in the Austrian Alps is a large wooden cabin bungalow overlooking the mountains and the valleys. If you’re looking for a villa property in snow-capped mountains or hilly forests, you can surely take inspiration from this Luxury Villas Design.

It looks absolutely superb behind the white backdrop of snow-clad mountain tops. Who knew wooden mountain cabins could be so magical and luxurious!

16. Sandibe Okavango

Where: Okavango Delta, Botswana

Some of the villas we saw above stand out from their surroundings, unlike this safari lodge in Okavango. This design uses natural shingles, woven saplings, and timber to fit into the surrounding forest landscape. Now one might wonder about the scope of planning the construction of a luxurious natural lodge, but the flexibility of natural material allowed the designer to build this bungalow resembling the shape of a Pangolin.

These curves have been used to add dramatic designs to the interior, and to the entire dome of the villa. The solar panels make the entire house self-sustaining and brighter than most stone safari cottages. So borrow ideas from this villa, if you wish to build one with an eco-friendly intent.

17. Earthships

Speaking of sustainable and eco-friendly luxury villas, there has been a boost in the architectural industry with demands for Earthships. These are literal oases, self-sustaining in regards to producing food and energy, clean water, and moderating temperature. They can be built in any terrain and any climate, using waste products like glass bottles, rubber tires, and earthen walls.

The water comes from harvested rainwater, reused for plumbing and growing an indoor food farm. The solar panels and wind turbines can easily run all the electrical appliances of the house. The best thing about these homes is the unlimited scope to try your hand at creating art.

18. Joshua Tree Residence

Where: California, USA

Build a luxurious villa from shipping containers? The idea sounds absolutely mad, but it works! This design uses the comfort of steel shipping containers to build an ideal yet abstract modular home in the middle of Californian desert. Painting the interiors and exteriors, a bright white, will make sure that the heat and light are reflected.

You can also get the rooftops fitted with solar panels and make the house utterly sustainable on renewable energy. The construction of the actual house is due to start by 2022. So you can make your own design with shipping containers, according to the climate of the place you choose to live in and join the new wave of recycled architecture.

19. Cooper Point House

Where: Big Sur, USA

This seaside villa is unique because unlike other villas, this house is built – not on the land or elevated heights – but under the ground. Much like a hobbit hole. When viewed from some angles, the villa isn’t even visible. That’s because the house has a sod roof, seeded with native varieties of grass and wildflowers.

As an environment-friendly project, it is an entirely self-sustained villa with solar panels drawing energy for electrical use and otherwise. The sod roof provides natural insulation, reducing energy consumption by a whopping 50%. Thus, you can have your new energy sufficient luxurious villa inspired by this genius design.

20. Vals House

Where: Vals, Switzerland

This is another example of a luxurious underground villa. Located near the hot springs of Vals, it was built for the proximity to the thermal pools. Underground villas are quite cheaper than ones made on land, so if your local authorities allow such constructions, do consider this design. This house uses metal, wood, and concrete along with the preexistent rock from under the ground.

The bowl-shaped exterior adds the illusion of depth to the entire house, making it seem more spacious. All in all, underground dwellings seem like pretty fantastic ideas, with increasing scope of architecture. You won’t have to be a hobbit to build one for yourself.

21. Rainbow Hill B&B

Where: California, USA

Designed and constructed by the famous architect James Hubbell, the villa follows the trend of his natural replicating designs. Intended to blend right in with the rustic red hills of Julian, the house follows suit with curved dome structure. The windows and doors just accentuate the shape of the house, looking like something straight out of a fairy tale.

The designer used wood, stone, clay to build the villa, and metal and glass to form the doors and windows. So if you’re interested in getting a villa with organic and fantastical designs, look for houses like Rainbow Hill for inspiration.

22. Giant Seashell

Where: Mexico City, Mexico

This villa is a paleontologist’s dream come true! One might actually worry about the final design of a villa when dabbling with nature-like ideas, but this house solves all those worries. Built in the shape of a Nautilus, an ancient crustacean, this pretty spiral house is sure to awe anyone who enters it.

Although it uses concrete for construction, it isn’t compromised on the space and luxury. The stained glass window and tiled rooms add color to the dull concrete interior. So you can choose this flowing aquatic architecture for your unique villa.

23. Mushroom House

Where: Pittsford, USA

As the name suggests, Mushroom House is a luxurious villa built in the wooded region of the state of New York. It was built with the resemblance to the blossoming flowers, but the brown color of the exterior made it more suggestive as a mushroom.

This contemporary private bungalow is elevated, with each “mushroom” connected to others through doors. Although it seems simple on the outside, its interiors can be decorated with various themes. So if you want a nature-inspired dream house, this design is worth considering.

24. The Glass House

Where: Almaty, Kazakhstan

One of the most wonderful aspects of modern architecture is its inclusion of natural things, or rather its tendency to build around nature without hurting it. This glass villa is one of such examples. It is constructed around a tree, with enough space for it to grow and breathe. You could call it a treehouse, but it’s built on the ground level.

So if you think you’re not comfortable with heights, but the allure of a treehouse still excites you, you could build a villa around a tree, inspired by this architecturally brilliant Glass House. You could design your own villa around a tree, with the number of floors of your choice. The possibilities can be many.

25. Moon Hoon’s Fantasy Villa

Where: Namhae, South Korea

Modern architecture is a very flexible building concept, which works well with geometry, abstract and asymmetry. What once seemed like a daft idea of architecture, has been in much demand lately.

This bright and colorful Fantasy Villa by the architect Moon Hoon, built on the beach side, is one of those examples where color and finesse meet together in an abstract to give us a brilliant design. If you’re looking for the unconventional and unique, look no further than this villa. Let it inspire the Picasso in you, and maybe, your house will be your masterpiece.

26. Moon Hoon’s Simple House

Where: Jeju Island, South Korea

Another masterpiece by architect Moon Hoon’s inspires the impossible ideas from our imagination. This three-storied “stacked” villa is a complex concrete structure, ironically called the “Simple House,” held together by concrete beams.

If you wish to build a high rise similarly rare and one of its kind, use this design as a key to the lock of your imagination box. If this idea can work out, so can yours. Your dream quirky villa is just one mad inspiration away.

27. Villa Mistral

Where: Sentosa, Singapore

This boat-shaped villa reminds me of luxurious ocean cruises. This design seems futuristic, with an intricately designed metallic exterior, resembling a cruise ship. Your bungalow can stand out from all the neighboring houses with this modern sci-fi design.

If metal and glass isn’t your thing, you can modify this design with wooden exteriors and modular stone and timber interiors, and still manage to make your villa look out of time. The private pool just adds to the entire nautical theme of the bungalow.

28. Haus am Weinberg

Where: Stuttgart, Germany

Do you wish to have your private villa around rolling hills, but something that’s way different from a house on stilts? Something that’s modern in architecture and still fits well with the landscape? Check this stepped terrace villa built on ancient hillside vineyards.

The project is a stucco masonry one which is resistant to excessive wear and tear and allows easy designing with abstract shapes. This house uses the curves of the hills to build a twisting staircase in the central area of the villa. Although it seems minimalist, it also looks sophisticated and futuristic inspiration for your own villa design.

29. Cavedale Ridge

Where: Sonoma County, USA

Overlooking the beautiful Sonoma Valley vineyards, this modern villa is a sight to behold. It is an entirely self-sustaining luxurious bungalow. Where the old villas stand on wood and stone, this exceptional designer bungalow boasts of metal, glass, and bricks.

The sculpted metal staircase from the foyer is a masterpiece. Hence, if you’re interested in a more hi-tech approach towards your villa, you can look up to the designer ideas from this house itself.

30. Casa Tokase

Where: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
This pretty villa is built on the cliffside, overlooking the vast and the open Pacific Ocean. This contemporary modern architecture shows us how to blend rock and metal without making it seem out of place.

This villa has two private pools built on a series of steps, such that they are connected with artificial waterfalls, giving extra emphasis on its cliff-side magnificence. So if you’re looking for brilliant Luxury Villas Designs for your villa, you can definitely try the pool design from Casa Tokase.

Final Words

So, which villas are you most inspired by? Have you already started dreaming about your life in one of them? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. These are breathtaking architectural stalwarts.

May it be medieval, modern or abstract, you’re sure to find a lot of quirky design for your villas. New technology and availability of new material have made it quite easier to build your dream villa become a reality.

I’m sure some of these Luxury Villas Designs have given you ideas of your own, to take the best elements from them and create something absolutely gorgeous. Discuss these options with your architect today, and you’ll soon have a villa worth boasting about. Do share which ones you like the best!

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