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Luxurious Olive Small Modern Mansion with Views to the St. Tropez Bay-France

amazing view villa into the Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

We imagine that by know you have heard a little about the luxurious Saint-Tropez region of France  so we are going to skip such introductions. Our object of discussion is a high end modern mansion located in the area,a cliff view mansion if you want, overlooking Saint Tropez Bay just 10 minutes away from the centre of Saint Tropez.

The home uses unusual shapes modelled on a rather small volume. Such shapes are giving the small home a rather unique dynamic creating a really interesting interior design that obeys no rules. Despite the small volume, the mansion manages to accommodate 8 people, at least, in 4 double bedrooms pretty well. These happy eight would enjoy cocktails made by their own butlers surrounded by a breathtaking view, sitting on a patio that accentuates and emphasizes the view as much as possible, having a 12 meter infinity swimming pool as the main focal point in the backyard. The interior design is not overlooked just because it features small spaces, most of the rooms are very well connected to the surroundings, capturing as much as possible from it. Needless to say that the main colours in the interior design are  black and white, complemented by a warm tone of beige where possible, assigning warmth and cosiness.

Villa Olive presents an amazing equilibrium between the cost of the terrain and cost of the actual construction, managing with a decent sized volume to enjoy one of the most extraordinary views in the world in great luxury. We have some things that we don`t approve in this design but we would love to hear your opinion about this modern villa first.

HINT: “circular windows”

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small bedroom design in the Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

small bedroom design with great view Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

small bathroom ideas Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

small bedroom design Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

small bathroom Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

small kitchen interior design Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

small bedroom design idea Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-


bathroom design Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

black and white living room design Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

black and white design room Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

exterior Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

patio terrace area Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

infinity swimming pool Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

main access to Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-

main acces into the Luxurious-Olive-Small-Modern-Mansion-with-Views-to-the-St.-Tropez-Bay-France-


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