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Black and White Swedish Apartment Emphasizing Small Spaces with Elegance

black and white living room design

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One more small apartment hit our desk, it is a lovely Swedish apartment, an apartment abounded with creative elements of design wrapped in elegance and style. The designer took advantage of the site and location of this small crib by creating a small meeting place and improvising  a  really cozy terrace. The apartment came with challenges as well, after your first step you are welcomed by an unusual hallway situated bellow the normal level,  this suggesting the way to the dinning area and living room.

Unlike most  Swedish homes that are rather sterile, beautiful yet cold and calm, this small loft  has been personalized beyond normal expectations, personal touches are brightening the space, making it warmer and cozier. Warmth is also expressed through a variety of textures spread around the apartment teasing your curiosity; different textures on the cushion covers, carpets and blankets and even different painting frames. In the whole apartment a great role has the light, this animating the black and white interior design and completing the overall design scheme.

The color palette is infusing calm and peace along with a feel of serenity in a rather small cozy apartment. Everything seems extraordinary from our point of view and we would like to hear your opinion about it  in the comment section bellow. We are really curious what critic can this small apartment obtain. 

detail shot in the Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

perspective shot in the Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

detail shot including the stair Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

small simple living room space Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

modern kitchen interior design and dinning Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-



reading knock in the Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-


small bedroom interior design Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

access towards the Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

exterior terrace Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

blueprint floorplan Black-and-White-Swedish-Apartment-Emphasizing-Small-Spaces-with-Elegance-with-Nobility-

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