Invigorate Your Home With World`s Best 9 DIY Air Fresheners

Invigorate Your Home With Worlds Best 9 DIY Air Fresheners

Winter is gone for a few months and spring cleaning is slowly surfacing, worrying thousands of households and calling to action in the search of incredible diy air fresheners the entire DIY community.

Homemade air fresheners have a form that respond to any setting, any space, with the desired scent and effect and they`re the result of a craft materialized in minutes with few ingredients, all natural, all non-toxic. These solutions have little to no costs and can easily bring forward the desired scent for your home, cast a glance !


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1. citrus – Orange Air Freshening Spray


via creeklinehouse

Simple and swift the good scent in your home cannot be invited easier; you will need baking soda, water and citrus-scented essential oils like grapefruit, orange, lemons or lime all mixed in an empty spray bottle that you find around the house. One tbsp baking soda in a bowl to which you add 30-35 drops of oil; mix them together well and insert them in the empty, clean spray bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake it well. You are now ready to refresh the atmosphere in your home with the scent of choice.

2. craft lavender Soy Candles


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Lavender is common choice for the soy candle yet this plant could be easily replaced with eucalyptus or coffee beams. To make these extraordinary lovely smelling candles you will need simple items: a mason jar of small size, pint or cup size work best, soy wax, soy wicks, glue and microwave-safe container if a double boiler is not something you have around the house;apart from these main ingredients a thermometer and the fragrance of choice will also be needed.

Use the double boiler or the microwave safe-container to melt the wax to 10-180 degrees F while you proceed on gluing your wick on the mason jar`s bottom with hot glue. Proceed by removing the wax from heat and when it reaches 125 degrees add your scent; 2-3 drops of vanilla scent and dried lavender would make an extraordinary match. Now simply pour the wax in the container and make sure that the wick is centered and relatively straight upwards. After a night the wax will harden, you can trim the which and you are ready to soothe your senses with the new candle.

3. refreshing with a small Flower Vase


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A freshly-cut flower decor during spring cannot suffer comparison as it simply defines the word “fresh”. A small craft of this kind can easily become powerful in terms of scent, refreshing the ambiance if need be. Use a mason jar of any size, your freshly cut flowers, ground coffee and flower tubs or sandwich bags of a small size, rubber bands are also required for the latter.

You will have to place the flower into tubes or sandwich bags safely tied with elastic bad and then place this ensemble into a mason jar half filled with coffee grounds that will look like natural soil and have the great indirect effect of neutralizing scents and refreshing the air. In the coffee ground you can of-course add essential oils of choice but regardless your little setup will have extraordinary results.

4. tailor a DIY Reed Diffuser


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Bamboo skewers that we can find all around, essential oils with our favorite scent, a clean jar of spice and warm water can be all we need to redefine the air inside our homes. These are the ingredients required to build an inexpensive reed diffuser. Simply add 10 drops of oil in the jar already filled with warm water and put the lid on your recipient to arrange the skewers through the holes of the shaker. If you need a more powerful scent simply add more essential oil.

5. simple homemade Carpet Deodorizer


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Only two ingredients are required for this simple craft : the essential oil of choice and baking soda. These two will create a great carpet and room deodorizer with little to no costs. Simply fill a mason jar 1/3 -1/2 with baking soda and add 5-10 drops of essential oil and stir slowly, add your jar and you`re good to go.

Any mason jar with a lid that can receive some holes is good to go; as a room deodorizer you can simply place it around the house and give it a shake every now and then when the scent seems to fade; an extra drop of essential oil can also be added. To use it as a carpet deodorizer simple sprinkle it onto the carper, let it rest for 10-15 minutes and vacuum it to refresh the setting.

6. homemade air FRESHER 


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As we rapidly clean our home in the spring-cleaning frenzy we need the air refreshed every now and using natural, non-toxic scents that we can make at home is a great solution. One empty spray bottle, 1 tbsp of baking soda, essential oils of choice 10+ drops and 2 cups of distilled water are sufficient to create something epic.

Mix essential oils with baking soda and pour the mixture into the spray bottle, fill it up with distilled water, shake it well and start pulverizing the mixture into your room to breathe easily. The recipe can receive a mix of essential oil for a more interesting-exotic scent.

7. Crock Pot room refresh


All experiences with the crock pot are easy and the one that follow is too. In your crock pot you need to add 5 cups of water and one heaping tbsp for each one of the cups to a total of 5 in this case. To this mixture you can one of the fallowing : 2-3 tsp vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, cloves, one cinnamon stick, a sliced lime, lemon or a few drops of essential oils of choice.

Take the lid off and let it run low as it will absorb the unwanted odors throughout the day replacing them with the extraordinary flagrance of choice.

8. make homemade DIY Fresh Potpourri

own-fresh-potpourri1 own-fresh-potpourri

via the2seasons

Start by consuming oranges and keeping the peels till they dry out over a day; if you don`t have the time you can speed up the process with a few minutes in the microwave. Get cinnamon, fresh rosemary, cloves and mix them with the dried orange peel into a pile. A nice bowl or place will now receive the whole thing only to start and emanate heavenly scent.

Once the potpourri scent fades you can add a few drops of essential oils .

9. Home Humidifier with cinnamon and grapefruit


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A large bowl filled with water on the stove under low heat can receive a stick of cinnamon and one-two peel of grapefruit; a shake of nutmeg or allspice ought to be added. Let the mixture simmer all day long and simply add water when needed. The moisture will be released in your space with a great scent throughout the house, it will work like a humidifier with great aroma.

What do you think about these heavenly homemade diy air fresheners ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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