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How to Fix a Cloudy Hot Tub? | All You Need To Know

How to Fix a Cloudy Hot Tub

Spas, unlike hot tubs, have a low volume of water kept at a high temperature. The high temperature of the spa intensifies the effects of contaminants introduced by the bathers and nature. 

An unclean spa is host to a horrifying stew of bacteria and dust and rubble. The contaminants eventually result in a cloudy hot tub that can make you sick, resulting in upper respiratory difficulties and rashes. 

The presence of cloudiness in a hot tub not only damages the aesthetics of the tub but also presents a big problem for its owner, so to keep the best hot tubs in their prime, maintenance must be thoughtfully carried out. 

Now that you are aware of the consequences of a cloudy, hot tub, it is essential to educate you on the factors that cause the phenomenon. 

Causes of a Cloudy Hot Tub

The low volume of hot water primarily acts as a perfect breeding ground for threatening bacteria. However, 6 major reasons cause the formation of clouds on the hot tub. 

1. Inappropriate Levels of Alkalinity

High levels of alkalinity make the hot tub cloudy. Maintaining ideal levels of alkalinity prevents the accumulation of contaminants or bacteria. The perfect alkalinity pH levels in a hot tub range from 7.2 to 7.6 and between 100 and 150 ppm (parts per million) of the alkalinity. 

2. The Lack of Sanitizer Levels

Bromine and chlorine are the usual suspects responsible for cleaning the hot tub. However, some users are sensitive to the presence of bromine and chlorine in the water. 

The Ozonator and mineral cartridges are the perfect replacements in case of sensitivity as both can eliminate harmful particles. The perfect sanitizer level in the hot tub lies between 2 and 3 ppm. 

A level lower than 1.0 ppm is ideal for the developments of cloud in the hot tub. 

3. Poor Service from the Filtration

Many users are somewhat complacent after the installment of filters in the hot tub. Users believe that merely installing the filters is enough for the filtration of the hot tub and the elimination of contaminants within it. 

The complacency over the performance of the filters often leads to problems in the hot tub. Filters, like any other important component, require proper maintenance and cleaning. Inability to do so affects the performance of the filters adversely. 

Positioning the hot tub filter incorrectly can also result in further problems for the user. The end of both sides is the best place for the positioning of filter cartridges as it forces the water to go through the hot tub filter material. 

4. Dead Algae Particles

Hot tub owners prioritize the removal of algae particles. However, some algae particles are too strong and develop quickly in the short term. 

The development of such active algae particles becomes a major threat for the hot tub. 

5. Debris from the Environment

One of the main causes of a cloudy, hot tub is the debris that comes from the environment. The use of hot tub means that some way or the other, debris from the environment can land in the tub. The accumulation of debris in the hot tub can result in the formation of clouds in the hot tub. 

6. Other Factors from Humans

Even ensuring that all people entering the tub follow the sanitary measures cannot prevent the entry of unwanted pollutants from the human body. Pollution from the human body in the form of lotions, cosmetics, oils, and hair products contribute significantly in the cloudy, hot tub. 

How to Fix a Cloudy Hot Tub

Blue clear fresh Water in jacuzzi. Spa massage background. How to Fix a Cloudy Hot Tub

There are many ways to solve the problem of a cloudy, hot tub. If the water in the hot tub is old and present for the past 2 months, you need to consider the option of draining the present water and then refilling. 

The method is not the first choice for most users as it is rather costly and ruins the tub owner’s plans. If you are looking for a cheaper option for the servicing of your hot tub, these sufficient recommendations will help. 

1. Checking your Hot Tub Water and Shock It

How to Test Hot Tub Water?

There are three simple ways to test the hot tub water. The first one is using an empty bottle to take hot tub water to the checking center, using a drop hot tub test, and using a liquid test kit. 

This video gives you a clear and precise tutorial on how to test your hot tub water. 

How to Shock Hot Tub Water?

Shocking water keeps the water clear and clean. The shocking of water also succeeds in eliminating and oxidizing common contaminants and unpleasant odor out of the water. The shocking of the water is crucial as it helps in removing the bacteria in the tub. 

To make the shocking process work well, it is essential to leave the cover open for at least 60 minutes to allow for the evaporation of the contaminants. 

People also suggest the shocking of the tub each time after use. There are products today designed explicitly to shock a hot tub which makes the process much more comfortable. 

The process requires you to follow the instructions on the bottle and run high-speed jets during the process for at least 15 minutes. The final part of the process is to leave the cover open for 60 minutes to allow the bad stuff to evaporate. 

2. Maintaining the Working of the Filtration System

The next option for fixing a cloudy, hot tub is the maintenance of the filtration system. Having the proper filtration system and knowing how to use it correctly is vital to every hot tub’s owner. 

The cleaning and maintenance of the filtration system depend on how you clean the cartridge filter. Cleaning the cartridge filter ensures there is sparking and clear water in the hot tub. 

Rinsing the hot tub filters at least once a week and leaving them for soaking in a filter cleaner once a month keeps your worries of a cloudy, hot tub away. 

3. Sterilizing the Hot Tub Water with Specialized Products

The final choice in fixing a cloudy, hot tub is sterilizing the hot tub. However, when doing so, you need to ensure that you use a chemical which is designed specifically for hot tubs

Many users consider sterilizing a very challenging task to master. However, the following simple steps prove that in addition to being effective, the process of sterilizing hot tub water is convenient too. 

Here are some of the tips you can use to add chemicals to the hot tub. 

  1. The first part is to ensure that there are no air bubbles. Go around the hot tub and turn off all the air bubbles.
  2. Select any kind of cloudy, hot tub solution and fill the alkaline or chlorine that is required for your hot tub.
  3. While you sprinkle the solution on the floor of the hot tub, ensure that the hot tub is running.
  4. Once you are done sprinkling the cloudy hot tub solution, keep the jets running for 15 minutes. Leave the cover off the hot tub as the jet functions.

How to Fix a Cloudy Hot Tub Conclusion

A cloudy, hot tub is not an easy thing to handle for owners. The owners cannot ignore the problem too since it poses extreme health risks for the user. Additionally, a cloudy, hot tub is embarrassing too, especially if you have guests over. 

However, after reading this article, the readers have enough information to steer away from the risks of a cloudy, hot tub. 

The causes related to a cloudy, hot tub, as explained above, are associated with the bad habits of the user. Users using the hot tub do bring in with them many contaminants. Therefore, each owner should pay extra attention to avoid impurities from accumulating in the hot water tub.  Proper operation of the hot water tub also requires special attention; part of the proper operation is the maintenance that each component requires. Taking such measures prevents the formation of clouds in the hot tub. 

The solutions suggested above are the most convenient in fixing a cloudy, hot tub. There are traditional and more uncommon ways of dealing with the issue too. At times, measures of maintenance and cleaning a cloudy hot water tub are also effective. However, following the suggestions above will guarantee effective cleaning of a cloudy hot water tub. 

To help you further, we have made a list of products that you can use for clearing the clouds over your hot tub. 

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