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How To Decorate Your Living Room With Gorgeous Sofa Tables

Decorate Your Living Room With Sofa Tables

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When dealing with small spaces, each available corner needs to be put to good use and maximized. A sofa table represents that versatile piece of furniture that can play both a decorative, aesthetically pleasing role as well as a vital functional one. You can use it as a dinning table if your kitchen space does not permit you otherwise, as a small working desk facing your kitchen or TV, Ā a wonderful bar that provides additional seating space at a larger party gathering, allowing you to be a part of the conversation, facing the living space or simply place it on the back of a sofa as a narrow long storage surface, filled with decorations, picture frames, flower vases, candles and so on.

Colorful, vibrant for a fresh pop modern decor, wooden, simple, basic for Scandinavian touches, or intricate, complex pieces of furniture exuding elegance and grace, sofa tables truly do come in all shapes, sizes and styles, available for each style and taste.We have gathered 17 such sofa tables to illustrate their simple beauty and functionality in an interior design. If you feel that your living room is not complete, opt for such a piece and add complexity to your vision.

Ā Gorgeous Sofa Tables

1. a touch of complementary color to add contrast


image via

2. white hues and natural fibers add warmth to any interior dƩcor


image via

3. store your miscellaneous in an aesthetically pleasing manner


image via

4. simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


image via

5. a fresh dƩcor filled with texture and color


image via

6. completing the imagery of the living room with candles and flowers in the right placement


image via

7. the slimmest of sofa tables used in a functional position


image via

8. natural wooden tones merged with cold grays in an elegant transition


image via

9. wall space put into focus with the usage of a sofa table


image via

10. a side sofa tables serving as storage for your favorite readings


image via

11. an industrial looking bar placed on the back of the sofa


image sourceĀ 

12. serve dinner or enjoy working on a sofa table while including the rest of the family in your visual space


image source Gunkelmans via Houzz

13. an unique piece of wood serves as an elegant sofa table piece


image sourceĀ KMID

14. sophisticated furniture piece used as a small desk


image sourceĀ Kimberley Seldon Design Group

15. modern sofa table brought to life by the presence of the colorful chairs


image sourceĀ A Beach-Side Home With a Hip & Fun Vibe

16. notice the delicate contrast between the subtle grey sofa and the oak sofa table


image sourceĀ  Heather Hilliard Design

17. modernity meets the old in elegance sublime composition


image sourceĀ Desire to Inspire

What do you think about the idea of using a sofa table in your living space? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.

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