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How Long Does Himalayan Salt Last?

how long will a himalayan salt lamp rock work

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Himalayan salt has multiple benefits and uses, from cooking to salt lamps, inhalers, detox bath to a salt sole. Since it is an expensive product which is mined only from certain parts of the world, specifically Pakistan, it is naturally a little pricey. In the same context, you would like to know, how long does this Himalayan salt last and if it has an expiry date. Well, we’re going to answer your query now.

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How Long Does Himalayan Salt Last?

  1. Facts and Figures

Since salt is a mineral, whether it is mined or produced from the sea, it is always found in a crystalline form. After various processes, we find the commercially available salt. The same applies to the Himalayan pink salt too. This salt takes decades and years to form the crystalline form, and its longevity is around 250 million years. Hence, it could be expected that the Himalayan salt too will last for ages, provided it is stored away from heat, moisture, and damage.

This applies for the very famous, Himalayan Salt Lamp too. Yes, when you turn the lamp on the heat makes the salt lamp sweat and absorb and release moisture, but this does not mean that the salt lamp is shrinking. It is merely going through the process of hygroscopy. This often poses to be a concern for a lot of people. Unless you drop and break your salt lamp, it is not getting spoilt. Also, you should keep it away from the reach of children and pets, as they tend to break them or accidentally drop it in water.

How Long Does Himalayan Salt Last?

  1. Caring for your Himalayan salt

Just like any other salt, it is important to keep salt away from heat and moisture, in a cool and dry place. The Himalayan salt lamp to needs to be taken care of. While it is normal for your salt lamp to ‘sweat,’ you should also keep it free of dust and keep it on for a considerable amount of time for the moisture to dry up.

Be extremely careful with the lamp and make sure that it is kept away from edges and sharp objects so that it does not break or chip off. Children should be encouraged to not play with it or even touch it since it is an electrical appliance. If there is any abnormality with the electrical wiring, you should immediately ask for an electricians opinion or replace the bulb.

The salt (also the lamp) should be kept away from any water source, if it is kept outdoors, make sure that it does not get wet by rains, snow or any other water source. You could get rid of the dust by wiping it with a moist cloth, moist not damp, and dry it immediately.

While not in use, the salt should be kept away from humid places and preferably in an airtight container. In case of a lamp, you can zip lock it and keep it safe. Salt blocks have a different way of being cared for. It may be used for cooking and grilling. Hence its care is different. The heating should be done following instruction, with a lot of care, it should be tempered before using it. Always make sure to not pour oil on it, or it may turn rancid. Make sure that it is entirely dried off before cooking on it again and invest in good quality salt; it makes a difference! 

how durable is a Himalayan salt rock lamp

  1. Longevity of your Himalayan salt

As stated earlier, whether it is for cooking, consumption, lamp, or any other form, the Himalayan salt lamp can last for decades if it is original and taken proper care of.

If the salt or slat block is frequently used, obviously it will get over fast, but otherwise, this salt lasts for ages.

Understand the product you purchase and how to take care of it. Read the instruction manual carefully and make sure it is always kept away from moisture. Keep your salt in a clean and tidy place, preferably in airtight conditions.

Prevent your children and pets not to touch it and to keep it in a safe place where it would not chip, crack or break.


Himalayan salt is a small but significant investment to make, and will positively affect your lifestyle, provided it is original and is appropriately used.

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