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Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht | Source of Spiritual Power

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Water has been considered from ancient times a source of spiritual power. Its purity cleanses the body and soul as well, transforming it into an irreplaceable source of life. And while its biological purpose is taken care of my numerous brands of water, Dornbracht, a German firm , has created a washing device specially created for the most lazy of us. Bathroom fittings and accessories company Dornbracht has come up with the Horizontal Shower, which, as its name suggests, allows you to take a shower while lying on your back, side or front.

The shower itself has been programmed to execute your every need, offering a variety of choices in matters of water temperature, quantity and intensity. Although at a first glance the idea of laying on a cold stone does not seem appealing at all, the base has incorporated a heating system to make the experience pleasurable. The main idea behind this project was to create and achieve that sense of peace and equilibrium, a balance obtained by the combination of heat, water and steam.

Dornbracht said, “This system allows an individual to personalize the shower experience and set the controls for whims, moods and needs.” He also adds: “The result is total relaxation, the kind only experienced by someone reclining. Tension in the head and muscles melts away, everyday stress is washed away with the water; body and mind are revitalized.”

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For many of us, the horizontal showering is something beyond reason. The object may define the concept of relaxation but it is too impractical, as you can’t even wash yourself properly. Some critics said that it’s time to see more the word  ”no” into the meaning of “innovation” when they saw this concept. We believe that showering and relaxation should be different aspects and may contain different objects which fulfill only their purpose. If you think the horizontal shower is an awful modern bathroom invention, feel free to share your opinion with us, on the comments section below.

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