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High End Luxurious Retreat – North Island Villa, Seychelles

High End Luxurious Retreat North Island Villa Seychelles homesthetics design 6

We all need a capsule of fresh air from time to time, a moment of silence and deep calm among the thousands of hours that we spend monthly at our desks with our jobs. We may need to listen to birds talk, to hear the murmur at the feet of an infinite ocean. Each has its own way of calming down entirely. Unfortunately, high end luxurious retreats, like the one showcased bellow are not at anyone`s reach today but no one stops us from aiming for locations.

After a short exploration of the infinite and extraordinary internet we found that on the feet of the Indian Ocean one of the most luxurious retreats in the world resides. It`s entitled the North Island Villa, a secluded sanctuary in Seychelles that serves the world in the most extraordinary manner, one of the most amazing infinity pool resorts. But most importantly, it`s an oasis in which the natural habitat has been rehabilitated and where the endangered flora and fauna were reintroduced, this being a key aspect for the retreat and a raw model for the entire world.

new building in the North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

Moreover in this natural habitat certain private lodges were built, villas spread across terraced multi-tiered levels ascending from the private beach and up to the granitic boulders, all taking advantage of expansive views towards the ocean. The whole design of the ensemble preserves the rural apparel of the zone seeking not to disturb the regional balance in any matter. In this superb design certain insertions have been introduced meant to elevate the level of luxury. Any contemporary amenities that one would desire are present of course.

From a culinary point of view there are no boundaries, a personal chef develops your own daily carte du jour based on your desires and needs entirely.

Everything is perfect. Everything will be emphasized by the sunset and dawn every day. What else can you ask for? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section bellow, on Facebook, Twitter or G+!

the perfect design

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high end luxurious retreat with its own yacht

the perfect scenario snapshot North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

terraced pool with expansive views towards the ocean

patio pergola designs

North-Island-Villa-Seychelles detail shot

extraordinary view from above of the North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

beach access North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

extraordinary North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

superb beach North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

outdoor bed with extraordinary view


detail shot North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

North-Island-Villa-Seychelles detail shot

view of the North-Island-Villa-Seychelles from the beach

view of the North-Island-Villa-Seychelles from the beach

superb snapshot


unique beach North-Island-Villa-Seychelles


scuba diving North-Island-Villa-Seychelles



expansive views offered by he North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

romantic patio design




North-Island-Villa-Seychelles romantic scenery

small Jacuzzi with expansive views

outdoor bed design

interior bedroom with bald-akin bed

North-Island-Villa-Seychelles lush greenery showcase

view from above North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

patio resort North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

living room interior design North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

secluded North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

sunken sitting area in North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

open living room design North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

extraordinar open living room in the evening North-Island-Villa-Seychelles

bedroom interior design with the perfect view

expansive views towards the ocean

high end luxurious cool bathroom design
Photos courtesy:  firefly-collection.com

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