Saturday, February 4th, 2023

How would you sharpen your pastel pencil?

Unlike your normal color pencils and watercolor pencils, sharpening a pastel pencil can indeed be very tricky. 

If you’re using a traditional pencil sharpener,  you will notice that after bringing the pastel pencil to a fine point, the lead will inevitably break. This can be rather annoying if you’re doing a lot of detailing work or using pencils which are quite expensive and don’t sell separately. 

As an effective alternative to the traditional pencil sharpener, a sanding block can be a valid option. But if you don’t mind spending a bit to keep the sharpness and durability of your pencils in check, then you can buy those special pastel pencil sharpeners which a lot of brands like Derwent manufacture and sell. 

Anna Vaughn

Anna Vaughn

Immense painting experience recommends Anna. She shaped The Little Painters, a small local painting workshop for children that invites the little ones to explore painting through simple and creative means in a safe, loving and extremely colorful environment. In her home panting studio she plays with all paint mediums but watercolor is her expertise.

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