Do You Need The Ring Subscription?

The Ring doorbell offers a subscription service called Ring Protect. Though not mandatory to own, the plan comes with its own advantages. The prices can range from $4 to $20 per month. 

Without a Ring Protect plan, you can have the following:

  • Live video footage of your home
  • Motion detection notifications from the camera 
  • Two-way communication system with the doorbell

Whereas with a Ring Protect plan, you get

  • Ability to save recorded videos and share them if necessary 
  • Snapshots from the camera during the day
  • Extended warranty for your device
  • Some discounts for your next Ring device purchase
Ann Hutchinson

Ann Hutchinson

Ann Hutchinson is the heart of the team, senior editor and our Head of Product Reviews which means she sets the testing parameters of each group review ensuring that tests resemble everyday use.

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