The 5 Best GoPro Snowboard Mounts in 2022 Reviewed

best gopro snowboard mount

Congratulations on getting a GoPro, fellow snowboarder, rejoice, the  Best 5 GoPro Mounts for Snowboard are here!  

By now you’re wondering how to take those wonderful professional-style videos and photos of yourself and your mates snowboarding – right?

However, with the barrage of products on the market, many of them cheap, fake or otherwise unreliable, it becomes rather difficult to decide without spending hours upon hours.

Our intention here is cutting through the noise and getting to the products which get you the best experience and a decent value at the same time – so let’s begin with the reviews of the best GoPro mounts on the market today!

Featured Image via Naomi Hutchinson@naomihutchinson

Best 5 GoPro Snowboard Mounts

5 Best GoPro Snowboard Mounts

Image via Naomi Hutchinson@naomihutchinson

  1. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

The suction cup, with the 3m adhesive tape, is one of the most common ways to attach the GoPro to your snowboard directly. While a generally risquĂ© move, this has the capability to deliver results far better than a helmet ever can. This makes it a wonderful if slightly risky move – read on to know how it fared.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount), Black
6,157 Reviews
GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount), Black
  • Attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more
  • Industrial strength suction cup proven at speeds of 150+ mph


This suction cup mount gives you a strong enough hold to keep the GoPro attached to the snowboard even in the trickiest of situations. For getting a low Point of View (PoV), there are few other ways of getting the same quality of shots – and this comes right from GoPro, so you can be assured of the quality of the materials used.

The suction mount is also useful for suppressing vibrations, which have the potential to distort any videos to unwatchable levels of shakiness. Coming to the low PoV again, provided you mount it right, the wide angle lens will fare well and capture all of what you want it to. A few tests before heading out with the board and you should be good to go!

  • Great fitting 
  • Configuration is enviable, especially considering the additional parts 
  • Can be used absolutely everywhere
  • Little adjustment is required in order to make sure the snowboard does not block the lens in any way 
  1. GoPro Helmet Mount

The GoPro Helmet Mount is one of the most standard ways of shooting GoPro videos while snowboarding. The snowboard mount may become risky at times, which is why this is the best way out if vibrations are bothering you and a low PoV is not your thing. A lot of versatility and scope for adjustment is what you get with this mount.

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (All GoPro Cameras) -...
1,677 Reviews
GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (All GoPro Cameras) -...
  • Versatile front and side helmet-mounting solution
  • Offers maximum adjustability for a variety of shots and...


The GoPro mounts are renowned for being some of the best in the business – and this one is another prime example. The helmet acts like a makeshift camera gimbal, and thus gives you leeway to adjust it exactly as per your requirements.

You can front mount or side mount the unit, which gives you two very different angles and viewpoints to get your shots.

Further, a shout out to the 3M tape which is used by all GoPro mounts. This might seem like a non issue, but several users have reported losing their mounts and their GoPros in the snow simply because the cheap quality of tape gave in too easily. A tree branch hitting the mount didn’t faze the mount, such is the quality of the tape.

  • Holds even when hard obstacles hit the mount 
  • Gives you a versatile way to set angles and viewpoints properly 
  • Front and side mounts are available 
  • Can’t get low PoV shots being so high up 
  1. GoPro 3 Way Tripod Mount

The 3 way tripod mount is a slightly more heavy and involved way of getting those snowboarding shots in, but it does have a much better hold. Since the wide angle lens on the GoPro is incredible, you don’t have to hold it very far away from yourself in order to get those gear shots in. The stability this mount offers is unparalleled.

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount)
  • 3 in one design: Can be used as a camera grip, extension arm...
  • Handle doubles as a grip: The handle can be detached from...


One of the most common complaints against mounts is, of course, stability. To get stable shots, there is little which beats a 3 way tripod. Your arm acts as a wonderful suppressor for all the vibrations you may get during shooting your snowboarding experience – another added benefit of this mount.

Furthermore, you also get a fully functioning tripod alongside a useful, if not your primary GoPro mount. This can help you by making you not carry too many accessories – this one can apparently do it all. Although not the most convenient considering you have to balance a large mount while snowboarding, your arms’ natural orientation can nullify any problems that do arise.

  • If there is a single mount you should have, this is it 
  • Drone quality shots can be expected if you’re lucky 
  • Incredibly stable and not prone to vibrations 
  • Slightly unwieldy and a bit of a palaver at times 
  1. Neewer Gear GoPro Accessory Kit

This is the only kit with multiple accessories on this list – usually, multiple items in a single bundle generally don’t have items which all work satisfactorily. This one has fifty (!) items in it – and all of them will find use at some point of time or the other, especially the head mount, the helmet mount, the car mount and the stick mount.

NEEWER 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessory Kit Compatible with...
  • Ultimate Compatibility: Compatible with GoPro Hero 11 10 9 8...
  • Straps for Head, Chest & Helmet: Designed for all head sizes...


Keeping our review limited to snowboarding, there are 10-15 items in the kit worth considering the whole kit for. The rest can be used in a variety of other applications, such as while travelling and so on. The major USP of the kit is that each and every component is comparable in quality to their GoPro counterparts.

Why this is such a huge point should be clear by now. All our reviews above have been official GoPro products, which is because those products come with a degree of quality and peace of mind hitherto unreachable. If you have more than one GoPro which you want to use, this is the kit you should get. You won’t regret it one bit.

  • More products in the kit than you could ever use 
  • All products, as tested, have quality worth comparing to GoPro’s own accessories  
  • Incredible value for money 
  • Might feel a bit excessive as a purchase to some 
  1. CU2pack by Wizmount

The last item on the list is one which is the most different – it’s actually a backpack with a mount in the front. Why this works out should be evident as we delineate our experience. Though not a complete and proper backpack, it works out great as a mount with some space to boot.


This backpack mount (or should we say “mount with extra space”?) gives you the most adjustability of any item on here, giving you true 360 degree movement of the GoPro. For shooting third-person videos, it works out amazingly, since you don’t have to take care of holding the camera at all times.

Further, the arms are fully movable, so you can capture the most variety of shots compared to all the other items reviewed. The mount also features a shockproof back plate which means your shots come off with unparalleled stability. The maximum distance it can go to as standard is 38 inches, but a 50 inch documentary-esque extension is available.

  • Backpack can store essentials, wonderful while snowboarding  
  • Mount rotates 360 degrees, shooting angles are almost infinitely adjustable 
  • Rather unwieldy for people who are new to shooting themselves snowboarding 

This wraps up our list of mounts which we feel offer the best mix of stability, vibration protection, good handling and practicality. All of them have their own pros and cons, but what you can be assured of is that they’ll serve you well, regardless of which one you end up buying. Have fun shopping!   

best mount for snowboarding gopro

Image via Toa Heftiba@heftiba

snowboarding gropro mount

Image via Markos Mant@markos_mant

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