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39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

In the living room we spend most of our free time, cuddling on the couch, enjoying good conversation and coffee with family, friends, loved ones, it goes without saying that it is one of the most important spaces that we nestle in our shelters. In there, the sitting area is highly relevant, whether it`s a sunken area, a simple low sofa or an epic puf pouf and, close by side-tables and coffee tables provide the much needed support for tea, coffee and a good book.

DIY coffee tables are extraordinary regardless of their nature as the results depict items with memory, infused with meaning, numerous coffee table plans can be found online yet in the following article we are going to address glass coffee tables through a gallery carefully curated, the projects are not all DIY and while certain examples could definitely be crafted by enthusiasts we highly encourage you to manipulate glass with caution, all safety gear must be on at all times, get a friend involved, make a day of it !

Glass Coffee Tables

1. diy moss coffee table

39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

Boost your living room aesthetics by bringing greenery indoors.

via 3rings.designerpages.com

2. diy ocean layered coffee table

39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

A design like nothing else, one that creates depth layer by layer through transparency, pitch black simply conquers the floor while teal clear waters are enchanting our eyes at the surface.

Source Unknown

3. reuse an old window

39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

One old window can become an extraordinary coffee table, salvage different legs from the flea market, adjust their height and mount them on a beautiful shabby chic old window and you are good to go, its transparency and epic, experienced look will certainly be appreciated.

via thesuedesofa.com

4. balance in simple coffee table


It looks like a designer`s item, neat, high end, spectacular and yet it is easy to replicate, ¬†a number of 8 “complicated cuts” will create the playful balance displayed over which the glass counter-top settles.

via workshopped.com.au

5. Wooden beams and glass coffee table


If two immense wooden beams are not something you simply have around or you can salvage from a construction site feel free to use two logs instead, they`re naturalness ought to contribute to your setting and can be obtained far easier.

via krrb.com

6. sculptural transparent coffee table


A carpenter will say this is a swift, rapid project yet an amateur might be overwhelmed, call a friend, nothing worth obtaining is easy to obtain.

via etsy.com

7. Repurpose wooden beams


A wooden beam can become the support of your glass surface with ease, simply make sure there is balance.

via etsy.com

8. REARRANGE a simple layout


Four legs holding a different structure.

via artsy.net



Splendid, intricate, memorable, full of experience.

via calvines.com

10. DIY Pallet Coffee Table

39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

Easy to realize, rapid and practical.

via 101palletfurniture.com

11. gold METALLIC structure with glass top


It beautifully emphasizes the feeling of space through a simple thin structure and a transparent top, the golden metallic finish ads a posh, luxuriant effect.

via horchow.com

12. wooden roots coffee table

39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

Extraordinary sculptural, unique and alive. Roots can be used to shape something remarkable that will instantly redefine your living room.

via flickr.com

13. black boosting transparency


via bhpromo.org

14. modular posh coffee table 


via 1stdibs.com

15. diy window coffee table

39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room

The shabby chic design speaks of a sensible, caring person that cherishes traditions and experience.

Source Unknown

16. black interior design looking for light

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A coffee table that would have obstructed light in this setting would have changed everything.


17. Layers of wood and Glass


Simple rectangular structure holding one glass and one wood surface.

via westelm.com

18. timeless coffee table

via roseandgrey.co.uk

19. acrylic coffee tables


Acrylic coffee tables are highly sought as they`re fully transparent, greatly emphasizing the feeling of space in any setting.

via overstock.com

20. transparent for steampunk


You can use a wooden frame to showcase a steampunk mechanism between two layers of glass or acrylic thus creating an interesting focal point in your living room.

via overstock.com

21. transparent industrial coffee table


via thebrunetteone.com

22. tree stump caries glass 

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via serenitystumps.com

23. U-Shaped acrylic table

15 clear coffee table ideas clear living room 55c0d87d5433caa468d7a816 w620 h800

Photo Courtesy to LO DOWN

24. composition of sculptural branches

15 clear coffee table ideas clear living room 55c0d86eb28acca368628916 w620 h800


25. green mint wire-frame coffee table

15 clear coffee table ideas clear living room 55c0d8415433caa468d7a811 w620 h800

Photo Courtesy to ELINA DAHL

26. thick acrylic coffee table

15 clear coffee table ideas clear living room 55c0d847b28acca368628914 w620 h800

Photo Courtesy to Miss Design

27. ACRYLIC chest doubling as a coffee table

15 clear coffee table ideas clear living room 55c0d850b28acca368628915 w620 h800

Photo Courtesy by One Kings Lane

28. modular organic coffee table


Source Unknown

29. old barrel coffee table boosting style


via indulgy.com

30. frame collections, display memories


via blog.timesunion.com

31. glass color symbiosis 


via vidracaria.psdovidro.com.br

32. WIRE-FRAME transparent table


via rstyle.me

33. metal structure supporting wood


The transparent option here would be to remove the wood and allow light to bounce throughout the room, the wooden plank can also be replaced with a second layer of glass or a mirror to further increase light reflection yet the highly dense, cozy and warm texture above is certainly not something to overlook.

via sorsluxe.com

34. acrylic and golden finishes


Acrylic tables can carry themselves easily, here golden finishes have been added thus presenting the item as a luxuriant, posh, high-end item.

via elementsofstyleblog.com

35. colored legs carry crystal clear acrylic 


Happiness, joy and beauty in one place.

via design-milk.com

36. duffy london’s UP balloon coffee table Defies Gravity¬†


via designboom.com

37. side console TRANSPARENT table


Iconic timeless in an extraordinary transparent state.

via traderscity.com

38. use transparency to boost greenery


Succulents require little to no maintenance and can grow pretty much anywhere yet they look insanely beautiful, sculptural.

via designtrasparente.com

39. ocean frozen in transparency


via joyana.fr

Coffee tables in general should never be overlooked yet glass coffee tables in particular ought to be one of the first things to consider in your design, they can be found in one shape or another in absolutely any design language, all emphasizing the feeling of space, all ready to bounce light throughout the room and amaze your guests with the illusions of suspension.

What do you think? How do you see these items?

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