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Learn How Can a Garden Shed Change Your Outdoor Experience For The Better

Learn How Can a Garden Shed Change Your Outdoor Experience For The Better

Sheds, as we know it, are a great solution for people who have cramped houses or a cluttered backyard. It is the ultimate option for de-cluttering your necessities. And, not just for the domestic purpose, sheds are used commercially too and are gaining more and more popularity with time. Sheds are nothing but typically a single story roofed structure which have four walls and can accommodate a lot of utilities under one roof.

The type of material which is used to make sheds and the design depends on person to person and other factors like, location, weather, budget, space availability, etc.

How is a garden shed planned?

A garden could be a great place to show creativity, and this becomes a hobby for many. There are various ways by which this could be done. Either a professional could be hired, or one could simply go down the DIY route. Once a garden setup is done, the planning should also include setting up of a shed for storage as well as other utility.

DIY kits are also available which make life a lot easier and this could be executed with simple tools like screwdriver which everyone has at their disposal. For homes which have small gardens, there are several small garden sheds available which could be installed. Also they don’t interfere with the rest of the landscape of the garden.

One has to keep in mind their requirement before buying a shed for their garden. There are a lot of companies which provide modifications in their shed, so apart from storage too, the shed can be used in multiple ways which would increase the aesthetic appeal of the garden.


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The most used materials for sheds

Sheds which are used for purpose apart from storage, or even for storage are made keeping durability in mind. Mainly three types of sheds are commercially available, wooden, metal and plastic.

Wooden Sheds

Wood is usually the most expensive and durable. It can be modified in whatever design or shape you desire and you can even paint it too. There are a few maintenance requirements of wood but is quite feasible.

Mostly experts are employed for building high-quality wooden sheds. However, if you have some DIY experience, we believe that you can construct a small wooden shed over a few weekends.

With the upcoming modern trends, aesthetic appeal is of prime importance, and people invest almost as much in sheds as they do for their house.

Contemporary designs include the addition of solar panels, automatic heating devices, air conditioning and many other facilities.

Metal Sheds

Another commonly used material is metal, and this is a little cheaper compared to wooden sheds. Metal has its advantages and disadvantages, but the durability of metal sheds highly depends on the quality of metal used.

The scope of innovation is less if it is ready-made shed, hence people opt for modified designs. A very common way to modernize sheds is by adding glass panels, windows as well as other stylish elements which are usually used in homes.  Sophisticated flooring, patterns, and paints can transform a mundane shed into something elegant and luxurious.

Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds are also used, but they are not as durable as the former two. However, these sheds are cheaper to build compared to both wood and metal ones.

People nowadays incorporate various materials for building their sheds, and if needed, they often opt for DIY shed kits.

Uses of a garden shed

Since we all know that the most common use of a garden shed is for storage, there are many other purposes for which garden sheds could be used.


The first and the most important use of a garden shed is naturally, storage. Although some people eliminate the need of a shed for storage and instead use it for a quaint sitting area, garden sheds typically store tools which are used for purpose of gardening like flower pots, lawn mowers, and various other equipment.

The larger the size of the shed, more is the allowance of space. Some people even store their boat, barbeque, high-end tools and other valuables for which they otherwise don’t have enough space.


Ever thought how your garden shed could act as a workspace? A shed offers privacy, silence from the chatter of the house and peace in the lap of nature.

If you are someone who works from home or would like to catch up on pending work for which you don’t need to physically travel, a garden shed comes best into use.  It is a compact space which could be modified with a desk and all your modern facilities and used when needed.

You could also go a step further and transform the mundane interiors with paint, vibrant colors, paintings and quotes.  That will surely make it the perfect workspace indeed!

A garden shed can also be transformed into a mini studio for people who are into the creative field. It gives you the peace you need along with space.


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Yes! A shed can very much be used as a gym. This is especially for people who have limited space inside their house but have a large backyard or a garden which they could personalize according to their own need.

It is not necessary to own expensive gym machines to equip your workout arena; you could probably keep the essentials, few weights and enough space to stretch around and complete your work out. It is ideal, as it is away from the house and you could play your favorite music and have your gym at home.

If you are a fitness freak and would want to equip your gym with a fridge and all your protein shakes and other condiments, you could also install shelves for doing so. That will surely make a drastic difference to your lifestyle.


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A shed could become the best playroom for your kids. Firstly, it is safe, and within the compounds of the home territory, secondly, the kids would be able to spend most of their time outdoors and play with nature, giving them a chance to stay away from modern gadgets.

They could also be given their space to create all the mess they want! And that means you do not have to worry about your kids destroying your lovely home interior.

A splash of color, some dainty cushions, and child-friendly toys-and your cubby house is ready!

Just like how kids are fond of tree houses, they could make the shed their den and play with their friends. When not in use, the shed could also be used to store their bikes.

Personal space

A shed could easily be transformed into an abode of Pinterest ideas, where you could glam it up the way you want. Whether artistic ideas soothe you or you would like a TV and a fridge stocked with beer to enjoy with your friends, the shed is quaint, quirky and gives the perfect amount of privacy. There is no screaming of kids around you or any unnecessary object which disturbs your peace of mind.


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Game room

It is a pretty cool idea to stack your shed with games for which you don’t have enough space inside the house. From darts to a pool table or even a foosball table and other arcade games, you could stock your shed with anything you desire.

The shed is a perfect place to chill during weekends. And you can make it even more welcoming by hanging a few cool posters. Don’t forget to add some cool speakers to play your favorite tunes!

Yes, it requires some extra investment in electricity supply, heating, and water, but is surely worth it.

Home Theater

A big LCD screen or a projector with a screen, some good recliner seats as well as popcorn and your favorite fizzy drinks by the side- that sums up the perfect movie experience right from the vicinity of your backyard.

Yes, all of this is possible right in your backyard/ garden shed! You would not only save up on a lot of unnecessary expense of movie tickets, but you would also save up on the junk that you splurge on the outside. Start your movie collection and experience the magic!

Outdoor Bathroom

This is especially for people who frequently host parties and barbeques and have people over in the house. Having an outdoor toilet saves up on a lot of effort and hassle. There won’t be a necessity of making multiple cleaning trips to the indoor washroom, and when the house is overcrowded, the outdoor toilet could easily be put into use. Moreover, when you have kids in the house, it is easier to clean them up and leave their dirty trainers in the shed rather than carrying them back to the house.


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Bin shed

Tired of stacking up and clearing your bin every other day? You could now carry it right outside your house in your shed. Install your bin shed with convenient mobile bins which have a large capacity and are easy to dispose of. This makes your domestic work easier and faster.

Pet room

If you are fond of pets, whether that is dogs, cats or any other pet, it is also necessary to train them healthily. Food items as well as their play items could occupy a lot of space and come in your way inside the house. A shed for your pet could solve all those problems and also train your pet in the best possible way. They could also stay outdoors in good weather condition and spend most of their time being active.


A lot of people invest in telescopes and also professionally use them for various purposes. An observatory shed makes a lot of sense for such people since it is easy to maintain and can be taken outside the house. The strategic position and planning of an observatory are necessary, and with a little bit of modification, this can easily be done.



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Very often, taking care of plants in adverse weather conditions in the garden gets difficult. Certain plants require regulated temperature and light, and a greenhouse aids in just that.

Now, what if you could incorporate a greenhouse in your backyard in a shed? A greenhouse shed won’t require a lot of space, and with the right amount of investment, you could easily make this successful. 

Pool house

A shed could effectively be used as a pool house. A shower could be added for bathing purpose along with changing rooms. Pool cleaning materials and chemicals too could be stored under the same roof. This would help you avoid a lot of hassle. You could even incorporate a Jacuzzi to spruce things up!


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Now that some light has been shed on the various utilities of sheds, their designs and how one can personalize it, it is up to families and their own choices to decide on what suits them the best. People incorporate their artistic thoughts and make the most out of their shed, and yes, most of them are very Instagram worthy!

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