Five Extraordinary Aromatherapy Recipes For Home Use

Five Extraordinary Aromatherapy Recipes For Home Use

A healthy home has a story to tell, it speaks about beauty and design just as easily as it describes its airiness ambiance, its subtlety or extravagance, its contrasts and pure identity, naturally infused by an owner that considers it its extension. An interior design setting worth remembering includes the memory of a place`s scent, a signature scent that can be summoned to one`s mind when he or she envisions it.

The scent of a home ought to be adapted to the seasons with a common component in flagrance or remain constant at all times, it becomes a signature that every guest will love, it speaks of cohesion and a linear, constant core, a happy household. Spicy orange, dainty lavender are examples that speak of an enriching cohesive element in a home.

A scent can relax, calm the individual, it can set a mood,a remarkable ambiance that we seek quite often these days. A selection of five extraordinary aromatherapy recipes follow, cast a glance and serve your home a last-minute upgrade for the upcoming holidays !

1. homemade VANILLA, rosemary and lemon deodorizer


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One sliced lemon, a spoon of vanilla and some freshly-cut rosemary ought to do the trick. Take your simmer pot, fill it with water and let it make its magic an entire day, your home will smell extraordinarily fresh, warm. Your element of choice can be added in this three-part simmer-pot to particularize the scent, essential oils for example can make the experience easy and pleasant. Make this simmer pot every now and then a habit and the entire household will change for the better !

2. lemons and baking soda


Probably one of the world`s best recipe use all around the globe is also the simplest, it requires a glass recipient, baking soda and your favorite scents, in the most common, recurrent recipe baking soda is matched with lemon juice or lemon essential oils. Eucalyptus and lavender are also exquisite, common choices loved by our community. 10 drops of essential oil could make a huge difference and they`ll last a while.

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3. CELEBRATING holiday with cinnamon


The simmer pot awaits new attention, the recipe that defines winter holidays is here, it is cozy and warm and it naturally includes cinnamon sticks, apple peels and orange rids. The simmer pot should work its magic throughout the day once more; one could also add cloves into the mixture or various essential oils.

4. FRUITY desert 


Desert is a good scent to be pursued and happily the diy community has on numerous times provided the answer to this endeavor: sliced apple, cinnamon sticks, oranges and lemons are the base ingredients. Essential oils should be used here too if you are to create a signature scent, simply make the element of choice part of your simmer pot.

5. aromatherapy with a spicy harvest


“Fall Harvest” by Garry Gay

Fall is a season like no other, warm joyful colors animate our world and among them rare scents can be sensed. A happy household can pursue the scent of fall through a simmer pot that can include 2-3 cinnamon sticks, a handful of cloves, canned pumpkin contents, one sliced apple, a table spoon of vanilla and maybe some fresh nutmeg plus the additional essential oil that ought to be the signature component. The mild, pleasant scent of pumpkin along the spicy components of the simmer pot ought to make this recipe extraordinary, beautiful.

Every now and then something small, insignificant grows just enough to change a small portion of our world; a homemade aromatherapy recipe can be that small thing this season ! Tell us a little bit about your recipes and we will do our best to feature it here and spread the wonderful scent born from creativity all around the web !


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