Epic Ways to Prepare Your Backyard For Summer Parties

prepare your backyard for summer parties

Imagine this! It’s a sunny bright day and it just feels like that you have to go outside and praise the sun. You’d probably want to call your friends, right?

With that done, now you want an activity for your party. Something you’d do with your friends as you enjoy the warm light of the sun. It can be something effortless and relaxing or something fun and high intensity.

But whatever it may be, you want it to be awesome. You want to make your friends want to come again and never leave. And most importantly you want to have spectacular fun and make memories while doing it.

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If that’s your goal but you can’t come up with something or if you are just curious about what you may find online, I have some ideas that might intrigue you.

So let’s get started! Here are some epic ways to prepare your backyard for your epic summer parties!

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Ways to Prepare Your Backyard For Summer Parties

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Massage Pool

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a massage pool on a summer day. Or summer night. It doesn’t matter. They are incredibly soothing and a great way to spend quality time with your friends.

A big pool with lukewarm water and massage features that fits six people at once? That’s a thing I’d surely want in my backyard. Even if you are calling upon a bigger party, it sure helps to have one in your backyard so people can come and relax in it from time to time.

summer party pool

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I have one myself and for me, there’s nothing that tops call up some of my friends and drink beer as we bathe in the sun in warm waters on weekends. All my friends love it as well. Some of them even got one for themselves.

Well, yes, there’s no denying that pools are amazingly fun for parties. A chill laid-back pool at a party is a clear sign that it is going to be incredibly fun. But I think it’s a great investment for yourself as well. I enjoy the pool even when I am alone. It’s very relaxing and takes out the stress I accumulated over the weekdays at work.

Now, you can get any massage pool that you can find online. Most come as inflatables and all of the provide heating up solutions for the water. To list it, what you should keep in mind before making the purchase is how durable it is, how fast it heats up the water and how easy it is to set-up.

Other than that, I don’t think you have much to worry about before making a purchase for yourself. And once you do buy it, I am sure you’ll get why I am so aggressive in suggesting it.

Backyard Barbecue Grill

What makes a party epic from great is food. And there’s nothing more delightful to eat than some barbecue food!

I love to devour on a meal fresh off the grills and I am pretty sure that you share the same sentiments. May it be the platter of all kinds of meat or may it be some delicious veggies, a good taste in the mouth means a joyous mood and hence, a great party.

Now there are many types of grills that you can find, so, it can be a little confusing. Barbecuing is a fun thing to do, but it’s also a culinary art. But it shouldn’t intimidate you. Even if you fail at barbecuing, you’ll still get good food. And it’ll only get better as you keep inviting your friends and family again and again, and keep cooking.

barbecue grill party

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I am no barbecue king but I think I am pretty sure that my steak grills are something people shouldn’t miss out on. And the only reason I can cook what I can is that I keep doing it over and over.

Nonetheless, barbecuing is not a chore. It’s a fun activity to partake in with your loved ones. A perfect addition to a perfect backyard party. And you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished an art-form if you cook something delicious off a grill.

I don’t think any food can top barbecue meals. Especially, at a summer party. And I feel that a summer party is not a summer party unless it has a barbecue. Not only you will enjoy it but so will your loved ones. And what’s better than making memories with the people you care about? Nothing, I say to that.

I still remember how my dad used to smoke some meat on weekends when I was a kid and how I loved it. Now, I try to keep the ritual up.

But yes, get yourself a barbecue as well. You are not going to regret it.

Water Guns

One thing I discovered last summer is that water guns are a formula for fun.

So I did a simple thing. I bought six water guns, called up my friends, all of them agreed because it was a holiday and we played for hours with those guns. I may sound like an adult baby right now but trust me it’s fun to be kids. And my friends would agree to it as well.

Everyone knows how to have fun with water guns but one idea to make things even more interesting is by attaching thin sheets of kitchen towels to backs of the players. If the sheet gets wet and torn, you are out. Simple and I admit, unoriginal.

Water Guns party ideas

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But the thing is I had so much fun doing it with my friends that I feel like this is the most important thing on this list. You can even call in a bigger party and make teams. It’s a high-intensity fun activity which is also good for your health. Especially after gouging on a barbecue feast.

But one thing that can nerf this experience is if you get bad water guns. Please, don’t cheap out when buying one because it’ll surely ruin the fun. You can get it conveniently online or you can test one from the store before buying it. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on it.

So, get yourself some water guns. It’ll sure make your backyard summer party a thousand times more fun!


This one is a no-brainer. I have had so much fun with my friends on a trampoline that I can’t recommend it enough. But everyone knows it already. What I’ll instead focus on instead is how to buy the right one.

As you might have already guessed, getting a trampoline is neither easy on efforts nor on your wallet. If you are planning to call on adults to jump on it, you can’t go cheap. I can’t do anything about the pricing of products but what I can help with is how to get the right one for you.

The key things to keep in mind is safety, durability, and ease of use.

There are certain things to keep in mind while buying a trampoline to make sure it’s safe for the people playing on it. First will be to check the rigidity of the structure. You can get a good idea if the structure holds its place by checking out reviews online if you are not buying one from the store.

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Second, if it has a spring-less design, then it’s safer. A spring-less design has lower chances of bruising or scraping the skin of the players. And lastly, you should prefer one with safety nets.

If you are not buying it offline, then one good way to know that it is durable is by looking at the framing. If it has something like double framing then you can be sure that it’s not going to give up on you. Also, look for one that has TUV certification. That means the material used in the making of the frame is durable. And weather protection gear is always a perk.

Many trampolines come with installation gears and then some don’t. If your trampoline doesn’t come with proper instructions and all the necessary gears to set it up, then it can be a hassle. So make sure that your purchase has all the necessary equipment right in the box.

One personal recommendation from me is to get one with a basketball hoop. Trust me it’s gonna make the purchase way more worth it.

Video Games

This one can be a stretch but I haven’t seen many people do it so I am putting this here. Also, I love doing it because video games are fun!

The idea is simple. Somehow plug a console out in the backyard and use a small projector to project the image on a wall. For obvious reasons, it’s better to do it when it’s dark outside than during the day. And I guess it’s the best addition to make if you are planning to host a evening summer party.

Now there are some logistic issues that you might face so I am going to run down a simple step-by-step procedure. And solutions to some of the problems that I faced when I did it the first time.

First, you are going to need a console that can function offline or a PC for that matter. I found laptops to be the best for the job if you are not using old retro consoles.

video games

Image via Glenn Carstens-Peters@glenncarstenspeters

Next, you’ll need a lot of extensions to get it outside in the open. I’d suggest to get extensions for the maximum length of wire instead of relaying multiple extensions. It is safer that way because then there will be no open connections and lesser probabilty of developing some sort of potential difference.

Then you’ll need some surface to project the image on. The surface should be white. Now for me, it’s easy because my house is painted white on the outside. But if your house isn’t painted white, just use a white bedsheet and drape it over some wire to use it as a screen.

The connection is obviously simple. Connect the projector to the laptop/console using an HDMI cable and power all the devices being used.

Finally, fetch controllers, a good audio system and get some good co-op or local multiplayer games to play.

If you have a good wifi connection or you can somehow bring a wired connection to your backyard then you can play online games with your friends as well. But I happen to have my old N64 still with me so I can fire up Super Mario Kart any time my friends are willing to play.

Miscellaneous Suggestions


If you are not worried about getting messy for an afternoon try getting water-soluble colors to make things more fun while playing with water guns.

Getting different kinds of colors, mixing them up and then spraying your friends with it is a fun and exciting way to make the party more colorful, albeit a little childish at first sight. But then what isn’t childish on this list?

Just make sure that the colors used don’t harm the skin and can be easily washed up with a shower. To be extra safe, players can apply coconut oil or lotion on their bodies. It helps the paint to wash off quicker.

Making Beverages

Image via Brooke Lark@brookelark

Making Beverages

The idea is simple. Get syrups, sodas and whatever you think you can make an interesting drink with, and make the most interesting drink.

Make it a competition. Call up your friends and make one of them act as the judge. After a little bit of role-play and mouth souring drinks, you’ll realize how stupidly fun it is.

One bonus recommendation, get a soda dispenser. It would work wonders if you plan to do this.

Paintball guns

I have already talked about how fun water guns are. If you wanna take that up a notch, you can try paintball guns.

Paintball guns are pretty inexpensive online but if you don’t want to have them around forever, you can even rent them from shops.

Before you start getting excited about the idea, there are two things that you should keep in mind. First, paintballs hurt like hell, so you’d need proper protection gears. And second, you’ll need to set up a scene in your background for tactical paintball goodness.

If you are ready for that much of preparation work, I can vouch that it’ll be incredibly fun.

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Final Words

So that’ll be it. I have listed down all the fun additions you can make to your backyard to throw the most epic party for your friends and family.

Before I end this guide, I’d like to say that many of these ideas include water and electricity. Some of them even mix them together. So it is advisable to be extremely cautious and keep the kids in check.

With that, I hope this guide gave you some good ideas. Wish you an awesome summer party!

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