Elevated Minimalist Modern Mansion Envisioned by Hyde+Hyde Architects

extraordinary cantilevered sculptural home with perfect proportions

The artist`s home is an exercise that`s practiced in all respectable architecture universities around the would but sadly few architects get the occasion to materialize this extraordinary example after graduating. The real world is far more harsh then we would all like it to be, but from time to time, not to often because otherwise we would not appreciate the gesture, life throws  an opportunity directly to your face, exactly the example bellow, a minimalist modern mansion for a photographer.

After drooling over a couple of dream homes and exotic architecture on World of Architecture, we have decided to look for the right home. A simple regular home for an architecture student in the second year and a dream in reality. The mansion we found has been envisioned for a photographer and it resides on the edge of the Brecon National Park in Pontypridd, Wales, a highly privileged location site.

The architects responsible for this beauty are Hyde+Hyde Architects, they have raised the main volume off the ground, elevating the whole aspect and perception upon the home, the mansion being built “collect light and focus on distant views like a camera Obscura” and enhancing the inspiration of photographer inhabiting it. 

Large glazed walls are opening up the home and allow the natural light bounce through it in a quiet and serene beauty, inviting the natural surroundings in through extraordinary snapshots that can be captured to certain key spots in the home.  The main volume`s facade is mainly clad with Cor-ten sheets, a high -end material introduced as a rain screen facade, these are supposedly reminiscent of a roofing material found in local barns.

extraordinary minimalist modern mansion access

highly graphic cantilevered balcony out of exposed concrete

simple beautiful transitional space in a minimalist modern mansion

simple dinning area in a double height living space

garage underneath the elevated minimalist modern mansions

perfect proportioned home with huge cantilever

super modern mansion facade wrapped in wood

Elli Winter

Elli Winter

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