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Edgy Seesaw Faucet by Han Chanhee: Eco-friendly Design

Edgy Seesaw Faucet by Han Chanhee Eco friendly Design homesthetics net 3

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When it comes to bathroom design and appliances,you usually get some kind of a variation on the same theme. Therefore, finding and inventing a new concept that can sustain today’s tendencies and trends is quite a difficult task. And the following item respects the above considerations.It is called “The SEESAW Faucet” and was conceived by Han Chanhee as an ingenious method of preserving water. And besides its sustainable character,the design itself can claim both style and clean,edgy lines.

The name seesaw comes from the operating method of the device: the faucet opens with the up-down action of a seesaw,while preserving precious water. When the soap dispenser placed one side of the faucet is pushed down from the neutral position in order to release soap, the tap on the other side is raised and its flow is prevented.Quite an ingenious system I must say.

Homesthetics conclusion:

It is amazing how the eco-friendly trend has been extended in all the fields of architecture and you might wonder what will come next and what to expect in this ever-changing world.We look forward to see more out of this designer.

Edgy Seesaw Faucet  by Han Chanhee Eco-friendly Design Edgy Seesaw Faucet  by Han Chanhee Eco-friendly Design homesthetics net (2)

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