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Easy and Creative DIY Handmade Soap Recipe

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After you have read the title you are probably asking yourself: “Why would I need to make my own soap?”.  And our answer to that is “You don’t”. We came up with this easy and creative DIY handmade soap for the simple fact that we got bored ( like a lot of people ) at some point during the day and we tried to think ( outside the box ) of a way to pass the time while being creative and also getting something out of it.

Easy and Creative DIY Handmade Soap












This handmade soap is also a pretty neat and simple gift for a Valentine’s Day, especially if you ran out of ideas for your special someone. Now without delaying any further lets get into it. You will need the following items: a soap base ( we chose soap made from goat’s milk but you can choose any other base), rubbing alcohol, soap mold( because we are showing a gift example here we chose a heart shape but the choice is up to you) , spoon, bowl, spray bottle, soap colorant (which would be pink or red is you are making a Valentine’s day gift) and scent ( for this particular handmade soap project we chose peppermint oil but basically  you can change it to something that appeals more to you or your beloved ).

Follow the next instructions:
Firstly you will need to break down the soap base until you are left with a bunch of chunks that you will put in your bowl.
Put the bowl in the microwave and keep it there until the chunks melt. You will want to check the microwave every 30 seconds just to make sure they are completely melting.

Easy and Creative DIY Handmade Soap

After the soap is melted take it out, add the scents and the colorants and start string until you achieve a homogeneous mixture.

Now that your batter is ready you can start pouring it into the mold.( now if you are using a flexible mold you should have no problem getting the soap out of the mold, but if not you might want to spray beforehand some cooking spray to get the soap out more easily when it hardens ).

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Put your rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle and the lightly dab with it the top of the soap. This way you will remove the air bubbles and smooth out the texture of the soap
After the soap is hardened you can remove it from the mold and then wrap it up or decorate it in any form of your choosing ( just make sure you get creative with it ).


And with that you are just about done, we hope you enjoyed this handmade soap recipe and we would love to hear your thoughts and off-course your favorite flavor of soap in the comment section bellow.
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