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Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value

Making a great first impression is important, and thus the front lawn could go a long way in influencing the overall value of a property. 

The best way to maintain and enhance the beauty of said lawns is by investing in landscaping. But, you might wonder if the costs really justify the returns that one might expect from the property after a sale or resale. We will take you through the different ways of landscaping on a budget and the various advantages they might have in increasing the property value. 

Apart from the financial upsides to landscaping, there is an aesthetic perspective as well. Homeowners can enjoy the beauty of a well-maintained lawn each day, which brings its set of health benefits. 

With so many factors to consider, let us jump into how landscaping affects the property value right away. 

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Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value 4

Benefits of Landscaping

Firstly, we must take a look at the obvious benefits of landscaping. Research has shown that even a small amount of improvement in the quality of the landscaping of a home can lead to a spike in the resale value of any particular property, by around seven percent. 

Since this takes place without a lot of financial outlay, it stands to reason that investment in landscaping is directly proportional to the returns on the property value. 

This is mostly because the garden areas are directly linked to the overall beauty a home might have for owners and potential buyers. Thus, it shapes the perception during a purchase, as many tend to view such spaces as necessary for entertaining guests or neighbors within the community. 

Moreover, we shouldn’t overlook the environmental benefits either, where landscaping leads to increased levels of oxygen, which in turn improves the quality of life and reduces stress. Having a nice garden with more plants helps in making the air quality better and often encourages social interaction among neighbors. A well-maintained garden is a sight to behold at all times of the year. 

Costs Versus Value of Landscaping 

Now that we’re familiar with the multi-faceted benefits of landscaping, the next question is obviously about ROIs or returns on investments. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between landscaping and property values. 

Real estate agents hold the opinion that investing in landscaping drives up the value of a home anywhere between 1% and 10%. A study from Virginia Tech even showed that landscaping alters the perceived value of a home, which gives a property an edge over one with minimal landscaping.

When a greater amount of attention is paid to landscaping, it reflects in the interest buyers show towards a property. Studies have concluded that there is likely to be a spike of 5% to 12% interest, depending on the size of plants and the sophistication that goes into landscape designs, like hedges and flower beds. 

Ultimately, for more expensive and expansive homes, greater attention has to be paid to landscaping. The multiplier effect has been observed by several professionals, with many recommending that 10% of the value of the home should strictly be invested in landscaping. Several real estate agents also urge homeowners to go through a landscape maintenance program before listing their property on the market. 

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Best Landscaping Options

Now that there’s adequate information about the benefits of landscaping and how it might help a property, it is up to the homeowners to decide on the top landscaping options. Following certain processes, knowing what to do and what not to do, is bound to help them make a property sale at a great price while minimizing the effort that goes into landscaping. 

For example, it is best not to have too big a lawn. It requires more maintenance, and people might not take to the idea of mowing a larger area. Similarly, having a landscaped patio is a great idea because it fuses the indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Along the same lines, a wooden deck is a better choice for a patio, not only when it comes to the aesthetics but also because it ages well. 

Gentrification is essential, and having a water body – not necessarily a pool – can help in this process. A pond or small fountain creates a serene atmosphere. But, having a pool is sure to drive up the property value due to the cost of the pool itself. Likewise, solar-powered outdoor lights add a stylish look.  

Even a simple choice like installing a sprinkler system can work wonders because the new homeowners don’t have to water the entire lawn. It is an environmentally conscious choice too. Finally, it is not advisable to install artificial turf while landscaping since it doesn’t do well over time. 

Landscaping Tips For Higher Home Value 

There are some easy landscaping tips one might follow, which are sure to drive up the value of a home. 

  1. Focusing on Lawn Edges 

Edging is a simple process to make a lawn look neat and more easily maintainable. Not only can it be done by homeowners themselves, but edging makes for a fantastic selling point too. After all, everybody wants to buy a house with a tamed garden, which is an effect of good edging.

  1. Mulching 

Mulching and weeding are both essential to make the lawn appear neat and easy to maintain. Pine barks and other such utility mulch go a long way in making the property appear much tidier. 

  1. Adding Plenty of Plants 

Instead of putting up fences, it is best to create a visual barrier using plants. Not only does it help maintain privacy, but it also reduces the noise coming from the streets. While most homeowners go with uniform plants, as they’re easier to maintain, a little biodiversity is best to reduce pest problems and to add a splash of color. However, it is best not to overdo the entire thing. 

  1. Adding Some Color 

On the aforementioned note, we should continue that it is highly advisable to have colorful flowers or such plants in pots. They enhance the overall aesthetic of the garden, which impacts a buyer’s choice. 

  1. Installing New Lawns 

If the grass is brown or patchy, it is best not to try and fix the situation once the house is already on the market. Instead, using a lawn mix can address the problem sufficiently, making the area look as good as new. 

  1. Prune Conservatively

While pruning is essential to not let the garden grow too wild, it is best not to overdo it. Excessive pruning might make a lawn or garden look too bare. Instead, it is best to just take a bit off the top. 

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value 2

What to Avoid During Landscaping

While we have provided several tips on how to be better at landscaping, aimed specifically at driving up the property values, there are some things homeowners must avoid. Certain steps might be detrimental in property estimation since a lot of buyers might not prefer certain installations. 

Firstly, many homeowners tend to go overboard with an outdoor kitchen. Admittedly, one with countertops, a wet bar, and cabinetry speaks of luxury. But, most real estate agents advise against it because it automatically demarcates that the house is only for buyers willing to spend in the higher ranges. 

The ROI isn’t too high either, and it is much more economical to have a grill or a barbecue outside, with some seating arrangement. 

Having a fire pit might be a great way to ensure that winters can be spent outdoors too. Once again, it is an expensive installation, and the ROI isn’t too encouraging. Moreover, homeowners need to be aware of state laws allowing open fires and what a fire pit might mean for the overall insurance of the house. 

Similarly, a pool or a sauna is usually an added amenity, but the returns aren’t as high as the cost of having and maintaining one. Moreover, there are certain buyers who just aren’t fond of pools and don’t want the hassle of maintaining one.   

Thus, it is best to stick to simple landscaping additions, keeping the general needs of the buyers in mind. 

Perks of Hiring a Professional Landscaper 

While some homeowners might be inclined to go the DIY route and try their own hand at landscaping, it is already established that in order to get the best results, one ought to go to a professional. They guarantee the best quality gardening services and are well equipped with specialized materials and tools. 

For example, one should expect a wide variety of fertilizers and extremely precise mowing instruments from such individuals. 

Understandably, hiring the services of a professional will cost more, but homeowners should realize that they get the money’s worth in this case. After all, there are certain costs already attached when one plans on selling a home. These might include repairs and paint jobs. 

Landscaping is one surefire way to drive up the property estimate and should be considered as a safe investment. The best way to make the most of it is to let a professional take care of things. 

A professional not only brings the adequate skill and knowledge that works better than a DIY method, but they usually have an outline or plan drawn for future maintenance as well. The best landscapers share tips with homeowners about how to care for the lawn or garden, ensuring that it flourishes long after the professional has worked their magic. 

This means that one truly gets the deserved returns on investment by hiring a professional. Moreover, preserving the landscape is vital. Homeowners must be careful not to overwater or over prune. Even the tiniest mishaps might be ruinous to the overall aesthetic of the garden or lawn. While trying to nail a sale, it is best if all things are in perfect order. 

Hence, the services of a professional landscaper are indispensable. Homeowners get the peace of mind that the job will be well done. Moreover, they save a lot of time and effort of working on the landscape themselves.

Spending an amount of money gives guaranteed results in the present and becomes an investment in the future, where the increased property value can even help homeowners make back the money they spend on the professionals in the first place. 

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How Professional Landscapers Beautify Gardens 

If you’re paying for the services of a professional landscaper, it is best to have an idea of how they are going to beautify your gardens as well. Both the front and backyards are crucial. While the front yard sets the first impression, a lot of time – including barbecues and gatherings – is spent in the backyard. 

Here’s how professionals turn them into oases of peace and even into enjoyable paradises. 

  1. Punching the Garden 

Irrespective of how small this space is, one can make it seem as though there is ample greenery. The best way to go about this is by using plants of different sizes or using variously tiered planters. The landscaping never appears flat with a visually interesting approach which appeals to the height and depth.

Now, with vertical gardening catching on, this is an entirely trendy landscaping option. Repurposing garden items and carefully choosing the flower shades also help in heightening aesthetics. 

  1. Staining Decks 

While a deck definitely looks good in a yard, it can get ruined over time since it is left at the mercy of the changing weather. Not only is the wood likely to rot, but there might be cracks appearing as well. 

To give the deck a brand new look, it is best to power wash the entire thing and apply two coats of stain to highlight its integrity. Since it is a simple enough task, some homeowners tend to do it themselves, but professional landscapers always recommend handymen who are adept at the job. 

  1. Refreshing the Patio 

Similarly, refreshing the patio requires a good power wash as well. Professional landscapers recommend cleaning out the seating arrangements, too, to get rid of any dirt or grime that might have accumulated with time. 

  1. Reducing Noise and Improving Privacy 

We’ve already mentioned how planting trees can form an appealing visual barrier, but professionals do it much better. They can help create temporary barriers with trees like Japanese maples. Moreover, they often tend to add water features, like fountains. This creates white noise, which helps cancel out the more unappealing sounds, like traffic from the road. 

How to Plan the Landscaping

With so many suggestions about what to do and what not to do for good landscaping, homeowners might be visibly confused about their plans. We have got you covered in that regard as well. 

One of the chief mistakes that most people make is to not have a solid plan in place when it comes to landscaping. Things are added haphazardly without a bigger picture in mind. For example, one might start off with a tree, only to add flower beds later, and perhaps couple them with some more shrubs and trees. 

A piecemeal or assembled landscape only looks disorganized and is likely to put off any potential buyer. The best thing to do would be to hire a professional landscaper, but even if one doesn’t want to spend money on that, it is advisable to draw up a master plan of what the garden or lawn should look like. Even amateurs can landscape well if they have a picture in mind and access to proper materials. 

On that note, there are certain planning tips for all budgets. For those who are living long-term in a house, they have plenty of time to figure out the landscaping details. But, if a homeowner plans on selling the house within a year, there are several immediate steps that might be taken to improve the landscape situation and drive up the property value. 

These include maintaining fresh edges around the planting beds, or even having a distinguishable edge between the grass and the dirt or mulch, to make the garden look more professional. Staring regular fertilizer treatments for the grass is also a great idea because the buyers expect to see a lush spread, not some patchy greenery. 

The final touches are bound to come from the splashes of color amidst a sea of green. It is best to pick up some annual flowers and place them among perennial shrubs. Together, they give the impression that one has spent a lot of time on the landscaping, even if a homeowner has just started on the project. 

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Low Maintenance and High Beauty 

The ultimate goal one must keep in mind is that the aesthetic appeal must be high, while the maintenance must be easy. Buyers don’t want a garden that requires hours of hard work but will definitely shell out money for a beautiful property that doesn’t require too much effort. 

Low maintenance landscapes can be easily designed with a combination of hardscaping, which involves the inclusion of non-living features like a patio or reclining wall, and xeriscaping. The latter is dry landscaping and involves the use of succulents or drought resistant plants. It simply does away with the need for constant watering and tending. 

It is best to talk to a real estate agent to understand the mentality of buyers in a particular locality. For example, an area with older customers might not appreciate landscaping at all since it is too time-taking. But, once homeowners strike the right balance between and maintenance, it is ideal to search for a professional landscaper. 

One simply has to look up landscapers near me to hit upon a proper plan, incorporating all the suggestions we’ve highlighted above. 

Final Words 

When it comes to the value of a property, several factors automatically come into play. For example, the location and style of the house would be crucial in determining the market price. But, how well it is maintained and cared for also has a huge impact on buyers. 

A sale ultimately comes down to presentation, and that’s why landscaping is so important. The functional yard or garden area has to look its best to add a degree of beauty to the home. Since potential buyers have an eye out for any beautification or modification done to the property, there’s no denying that it assists in improving the value of the same. 

That said, the garden is the first thing one notices. In some ways, it can be categorized as the way the property is displayed to the world. Hence, it is crucial as a first impression. The landscaping must not just be perfect for drawing the buyers in but must also be able to convince them that it doesn’t require too much effort or maintenance. 

With the competition in the market, one wants their property to stand out. Hence, most homeowners nowadays focus on landscaping as an essential way to drive up property prices. Thanks to professional landscapers, who are forever willing to lend their expertise, this is a relatively seamless task with guaranteed returns. 

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