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DIY Cheap And Creative Fabric Covered Books

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Are you someone that loves to personalize everything? Well if that is the case you just might want to stick around because we will show you a  neat way to cover with fabric all those thrift store and yard sale books, in this easy and cheap DIY: fabric covered books project. You might be wondering if: “is this necessary, and if it is, why?” Well your answer is that: it’s not.  But fabric covered books are cheap, easy and pretty  decor pieces that you can spread throughout your home.

Now lets get right into it, in order to complete this DIY you will need the following items: fabric, hot glue gun, butter knife, scissors, spray adhesive and lastly, books. Before we get started with the actual instructions we recommend that you iron the fabric just to make sure there are no creases in it. Ok time for some fabric covered books making:

1. Firstly you want to remove the book jacket and cut your fabric 2.5-5 cm larger than the margins of  the book.

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2. Now you can begin to spray a light layer of the spray adhesive on the back of the book cover and on its spine (and just a quick heads up: you might want to put some newspaper or old magazine down before you start so that you don’t get glue stuck all over your table). Turn the book so the sprayed part faces the fabric and press down, after a few seconds turn the book over so the back is now facing you, and just smooth it out with a the knife ( the blunt edge off course ) or your hand  .

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3. Repeat step 2 for the front cover. After you are done there should be at least 2.5 cm of fabric left around the book.  If you have to much fabric left around the book you can always cut it to the appropriate size.

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4. Now you will want to cut two slits on both ends of the spine and leave it like that ( we will come back to it ). Using your glue gun put some glue along edge of fabric right where it would meet up with the book and try not to completely to the edges.

DIY Cheap And Creative Fabric Covered Books (6)

5. After you are done take the fabric and fold it over onto the inside cover. Apply a light layer of glue where the corner meets the fabric.

DIY Cheap And Creative Fabric Covered Books (7)

6. Now press the fabric together, then put some glue all along its edge  and secure it to the inside part of the book cover. Then we usually fold the outer corners in and then glue them into place just for the aesthetics of it.

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7 We will move to the spine now. Grab your butter knife and use it to gently stuff the piece of fabric into the spine.  You should apply a light layer of glue before using the knife, just to make sure the fabric won’t come out.

DIY Cheap And Creative Fabric Covered Books (9)

And you are done, now you can repeat the process for all the old, dusty books you love so much and create your own collection of fabric covered books. We hope you liked this DIY project and we would love to hear your inspirind ideas in the comments section bellow.

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Photo credits to: Two twenty one

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