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How To Design Your Office Space For A Productive Year

1 How To Design Your Office Space For A Productive Year

A new year has come upon us and whether we like it or not, it is our duty to make the most of it, enjoy our time and make it as productive as possible. Organizing a daily schedule and an office space design can prove to be right down difficult, especially after the long relaxation period of the winter holiday season but getting into rhythm is essential for a productive start of the year. If you are a freelancer working from home, organizing your time and home is crucial for getting the most out of your available time frame.

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Start by setting up a working time table. The morning hours can be used for completing annoying tasks such as doing laundry, reviewing a written piece or preparing meals. It is also the perfect time to spend with yourself, gather your thoughts in piece and silence and regroup for a bright new effective day. Designate a specially allocated space in your house for work. It can be even the smallest desk, size is not important as long as you can place your moue your laptop and cup of tea on it.

Make that space your own, choose your favorite calming color scheme, surround yourself with greenery, the right natural lighting and motivational art and put an effort in maintaining this particular space as organized and neat as possible. Here are a few basic tips and tricks on how to design your office space for a productive year.

Office Space Design – set the right ambiance

Each and everyone of us resonates with a specific decor, a specific tone and light amount. Some of us might find bright colors and powerful lighting empowering and reinvigorating whilst others prefer a serene, calm, peaceful atmosphere for maximum concentration. You are your own designer, create the ambiance that speaks to your personality and taste and notice how much more at ease and relaxed you will feel at your working space.



Motivational messages have been proven to be effective in inducing a positive attitude, find the ones that resonate with your character and type of work.

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choose the proper lighting

Natural lighting as well as the artificial kind transform a space from rigid and almost clinical to soothing, relaxing and comfortable. Position your desk towards a window with a view is possible and encourage natural light in and use desk lamps to add a dim smooth glow on the working space, it has been proven that calm dim lights increase creativity.

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set your color scheme

Everyone resonates with a certain color pallet, some might like the warmth of bright orange yellow whilst other choose to associate themselves with white and grey hues.When it comes to the right color scheme for a working environment, it is up to you and your character to decide and understand what works best for you. Blue hues soothe the soul, red increases productivity whilst green add a note of freshness to the environment.

How To Design Your Office Space For A Productive Year


How To Design Your Office Space For A Productive Year


invest in a comfortable chair

Spending hours engaged on your computer at a desk can seriously damage your back if you are not equipped with the right office chair. This furniture piece can make you reach quite deep into your pockets but it is something you should definitely spend your money on to avoid future health issues. It is also recommended to change position or simply get up and walk for a little once or twice per hour.

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Surround yourself with inspiration

We can find inspiration in anything and your favorite quotes should not be missing from your working space.Place them black on white and allow them to work their magic on you.

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Office Space Design- organize the annoying cords

The most common desk space problem is the cord issue, always unplugging the wrong one or tripping on them. Use tiny stickers to designate each cord its source and avoid the constant annoyance for ever.

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invite greenery in

It might come from an open window towards the garden or from a simple flower place in a vase, greenery produces the much needed oxygen we require to function properly and productively, do not neglect this aspect.

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pen and paper at your grasp

If you are involved in a creative work of line, inspiration comes uninvited and unexpected so you must always be prepared with pen and paper at your grasp, use a large role of recycled paper and admire how your ideas come to life and are shaped in time.

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create your own oasis

Your working space should be your own private universe, your own oasis, make it to your image and see how the proper office space design can improve your productivity and influence your mood on a daily basis.

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How does your office space design look like? Do you consider it a productive space and if not, what would you like to change and improve? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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