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26 Creative Methods Of Reusing Wheels In Your Design

Creative Methods Of Reusing Wheels In Your Design

Today we are bringing wheels in the center of attention, a topic that might be found odd in the context of interior and exterior decor. But the idea of reusing wheels in design can give birth to incredibly creative ideas and crafts. Coffee tables, chandeliers, wedding and party decor, flower pots and Christmas wreaths, the versatility of of the classical wheel has no limits.It is about time that we take the time to rediscover the basic elements that have had a huge impact in our lives and that now are being taken for granted. Enjoy our selection of 26 Creative Methods Of Reusing Wheels In Your Design.

1. insert a carriage wheel into a stone wall

For a rustic design suitable for a wooden cabin opt to insert a vintage carriage wheel into a stone wall and plant vines to dress up and infiltrate all the cracks.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (1)

Image via crushculdesac.tumblr.com

2. gorgeous planter holder for your garden

Natural materials such as wood, stone, river rocks will always merge perfectly with the natural element so why not insert the classical carriage wheel into the grand composition that is your garden? You can use it to hang bucket planters from it or as an actual planter nestling tiny fresh herbs.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (20)

3. the perfect planter offering greenery lots of sun through its composition

The below composition features two wooden wheels and a set of three wooden boxes that offer their contained plants plenty of sunlight and a wonderful display for your senses.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (11)

Image via plowhearth.com

4. carriage wheel NESTLING tiny little plants

The carriage wheel with its compartments provides the perfect planting zones for your various herbs and kitchen spices.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (10)

Image via flashek.com

5. carriage wheel adaptable front door wreath

What could serve a wreath better than a wheel? Decorate it according to the season at hand from spring flowers to pine cones and acorns for the winter holidays.Burlap and rope are a must, essential materials that will complete the warm feeling exuded by the natural texture of the wood.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (23)

Image via whattodowithold.com

6. choose to adorn your fireplace with a traditional carriage wheel

If you own a wooden cabin in the countryside and the vintage-rustic style is what defines you and your home, a carriage wheel can adorn fireplace mantel and become a focus point for your living room-dinning area.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (25)

Image via houzz.com

7. a wonderful wheel and hallway table composition

Every hallway requires two essential pieces of furniture: a bench perfect for getting your shoes on and a narrow table for holding your keys and the perfect flower vase. The creation below has merged a classical vintage carriage wheel with an iron-hard wood table and obtained an impressive piece of furniture.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (26)

Image via amazinginteriordesign.com

8. using a carriage wheel and solid wood to make a bench for your front porch

A wooden front porch requires, demands the right bench to relax on summer nights.Solid wood and a carriage wheel have merged into an unique creation that some might find peculiar. But imagine it adorned with a set of beautiful burlap pillows and a cozy warm wool blanket and you are set for those perfect starry nights.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (22)

9. the perfect christmas decoration

Christmas, wood and string lights. This simple composition of elements draws us in, evoking that holiday nostalgia, delighting, exciting your entire senses: you can imagine the smell of freshly baked cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg, the icy cold of winter, the beuatiful dance of falling snowflakes.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (4)

10. a rustic garden furniture set improvised around a carriage wheel

Spring is here, summer always upon us and time spent outdoors is of the essence and will increase dramatically in the next months. Thus investing time in creating a garden furniture set seems like the logical natural next DIY project to take on.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (19)

Image via newdom.mirtesen.ru

11. metal carriage wheel and old recycled wood forming an industrial looking bench

We at Homesthetics have always found the mixture between the industrial raw style governed by metal and recycled wood and the warmth and coziness of natural textures such as wool, burlap, rope, cotton charming to say the least. Here, recycled wooden planks have been composed on a metallic carriage wheel structure and adorned with delicate yet raw rope edges.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (9)

Image via quotesgram.com

12. old vintage carriage wheel and mason jars form this incredible chandelier

Light and wood will always represent the ultimate beauty. Here a wooden carriage wheel supports a set of hanging mason jars exuding light and warmth in the surrounding scenery.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (16)

Image via diyjoy.com

13. the wheel wine storage design

Wine and wood go hand in hand as wine barrows define the most delicate and subtle aromas. A carriage wheel serves as a wine bottle holder and has envisioned an entire bar zone around its perfect round shape.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (21)

Image via gabyral.blogspot.mk

14. a bicycle wheel used as a retro fun clock

A old black wall adorned by an unconventional clock can serve as a focal point in a rather modern interior design.Old vintage rulers are used as the clock’s tongues whilst a bike wheel represents the actual clock base.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (7)

Image via designpab.blogspot.mk

15. a bicycle wheel chandelier perfect for outdoors entertaining

Spending summer nights outdoors surrounded by your loved ones requires a proper lighting fixture, specially designed to suit the exterior conditions and scenery. A simple bike wheel with a set of mason jars filled with scented candles will define your recreation zone.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (2)

Image via hgtv.com

16. a coffee table made entirely out of bike wheels

An old bike revived into a functional useful coffee table, Well, that if you finish the design with a glass top.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (18)

17. the perfect kitchen pot holder

Finding the right spot for storing pots can turn out to be quite difficult, especially if you have a small kitchen on your hands with little storage space. A bike wheel placed strategically over your kitchen island can serve this very purpose with great success.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (14)

Image via mpora.com

18. a BMX bike wheel mirror creation

We continue with unconventional designs, now featuring a bike wheel mirror creation hung in a very contrasting interior space dominated by natural wood.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (13)

Image via etsy.com

19. a wonderful creation for a wedding decoration

Wedding or simply a spring party, choose to adorn your walls and impress your guests with a fresh creation featured on the base of a bike wheel.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (3)

Image via hgtv.com

20. bike wheels used in a flowery composition

Another fun creation suitable as party decor, here with a colorful choice of inserting bike wheels into the scenery.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (24)

Image via styleathome.blogspot.mk

21. a peculiar approach to a christmas wreath

For the  sports passionate, the following crafts revolves around such a symbol that will state your passion from the front door. Adorn your unconventional Christmas wreath with string lights and red bowls to really bring the bike wheel into the holiday spirit.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (5)

Image via dianarambles.com

22. a modern take on a photo display design

Use bike wheel and clothespins to hang your favorite family photos indoors and maintain your modern interior design line.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (8)

Image via woohome.com

23. a functional clothing rack

This functional practical creation can be used as a cloth display for your favorite adored pieces or as a drying rack for your balcony. Its versatility can not be contested, don’t you agree?

reusing wheels

24. a wheel chandelier for a light and shadow play

Create a shadow and light display on your ceiling by creating a bike wheel chandelier.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (17)

Image via oldfoxcycling.com

25. a creative bar/ brunch table set on wheels

Use a rather large metallic tray and two sets of bike wheels to create an industrial looking fun bar cart perfect for outdoor brunching and indoor entertaining.

Creative -Methods -Of -Reusing- Wheels -In -Your -Design-homesthetics (12)

Image via gradiz.ru

26. a light INSTALLATION on a bike wheel

Exercise your creative skills and create an unusual bike wheel light installation.

reusing wheels in decor

In the end we dare you to get crafty, get creative and invest time in finding the most beautiful method of using wheels in your home decor.Choose your favorite idea from the ones featured above or share your own creation in the comment section below.

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