Creative Different Flavored DIY Salts Gift Pack


Bored of your regular kitchen spices? Looking for a creative way to mix up your dishes? Well, today we got the thing for you, with this DIY salts gift pack we will show you how to spice your salts with amazing flavors and give you a gift idea for your loved ones.

First you will have to get the necessary ingredients, as follows:

    • 24 jars in which we will deposit the finished
    • 4 tin boxes full of shreds of paper
    • 1 c. fine salt


The above are just general requirements, for the specific flavored salts you will need the following:
Curry Flavor
  • 0.25 c. curry in powder form
  • 12 bay leaves ( dried )
  • 2 tsp. ground cumin
  • 0.25 c. garam masala
Porcini Flavor
  • 4 oz. porcini mushrooms ( dried )
Celery Flavor
  • 4 head celery
Smoked Paprika and Ancho Flavor
  • 4 dried ancho chiles
  • 0.25 c. paprika ( smoked )
Lime-Ginger Flavor
  • about 1/2 cup limes
  • 3 tsp. ground ginger
Herbes de Provence Flavor
  • 0.50 c. herbes de Provence
  • 6 tbsp.  lavender ( dried )
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Now according to which flavors you want to make you will follow the instructions:

Porcini Salt: First you will want to ground the mushrooms using a spice grinder, after that in bowl, combine  sea salt with the ground mushrooms .

Smoked Paprika and Ancho Salt: Get the ancho chilies nice and ready by removing the stems and seeds. Then break up chilies. Next you will do the same as for the mushrooms, by that I mean, finely grind the chilies, and after combine ( in a bowl ) the smoked paprika, the ground chilies and the fine salt.

Celery Salt: Firstly you will want dry the celery, the easiest way to do that is baking them for about 10 minutes. After they are cooled use again the spice grinder and mix the ground product with fine salt in a bowl.

Lime-Ginger Salt: Again, you will want the lime dry, so place it on waxed paper and let it dry for a night, after that combine it with the fine salt and the ground ginger in a bowl.

Herbes de Provence Salt: Use the spice grinder to ground the herbes de Provence and lavender, the combine the ground product with the salt.

Curry Salt: Crush bay leaves until they are coarsely ground. In a bowl, mix the ground bay leaves with curry powder, ground cumin, garam masala, and fine salt.

General instructions:

1. For each flavor, divide the finished product in 4 jars ( with 2 ounce capacity )

2. For a final touch to the design fill the 4 tin boxes with 6 jars of different flavors

Creative different flavored DIY salts gift pack

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Anton Giuroiu

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