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Colorful Unusual Elegant Penthouse in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City

colorful living room design in Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

New York is hosting all possible design lines for sure. But the regular design line from what we know is all aluminium, glass, marble and Eames Chairs. These are regulars in the high end penthouses and lofts around the skyline.

The apartment ahead is a happy exception, an unusual colorful yet extremely elegant loft with vintage accents, rough materials and finishing, textured surfaces and little to no white. An interior that expresses the happiness that passes through the veins of the owner at full speed. He is definitely different, apart from the regular individual, with a different taste then most of us, he is, along with his designer, rather special.

The interior is very hard to describe in words, cast iron pillars are defining the contour of two different living rooms, both of them breathtaking. In the loft we can also find a dinning, a humongous beautiful library, an office and two bedrooms.

The colorful accents are giving the classic interior a happy colorful and cheerful vibe, the vintage accents and apparent brick apparel are giving it an industrial simplicity that glues the atmospheres down to earth again, earths it to rough materiality from the high colorful heavens. It`s definitely a highly controversial apartment, an apartment hard to define, knowing that it`s located on Jay street in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City makes it even hard to read and interpret .

Despite all, we can definitely assume that it`s design with class and style and it expresses the powerful controversial personality of the owner.

beautiful living room design Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

vintage living room design in a Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

colorful wall separators Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

green garden terrace in a Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

vintage desk area Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

stark white immaculate batrhoom Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

colorful kitchen design Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics


small cozy bedroom design in the Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

vintage apparel in a Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics

Colorful-Unusual-Elegant-Penthouse-Tribeca-Manhattan-New-York-City-homesthetics plan footprint blueprint

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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